I would first like to introduce myself. My name is Kafrawi Abdurrahman Hamzah, an Australian citizen who migrated here in 1985 working as an Imam  to serve the growing Muslim community around Australia while building ties with the wider mainstream community.

It has now passed more than 40 days of public genocide, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and bloodshed in Palestine.

While the occupation of Palestine has been occurring for over 70 years, it is only now that due to recent the tragic events has this ongoing suffering of oppression, brutalities, arbitrary treatment, usurpation of Palestinian properties, massacre, and other inhumane treatments gained worldwide attention.

Despite all the footage released every single day displaying the horrific scenes occurring in Palestine, the Australian government still tends to display a lack of empathy toward the oppressed, but rather, chooses to be on the side of the oppressor, ‘Israel’.

It’s beyond the comprehension of common sense to accept people who are fighting to regain their usurped land and other rights to be labeled as terrorists!

While Palestine comprises many religions – Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, we as Muslims do not discriminate when it comes to the blood-spilling of innocent lives. We emphatically condemn the heinous crime of genocide being carried out by ‘Israel’, the occupier for decades under the pretext of self-defence.

People who uphold justice and humanity applaud the persistent struggles of The Australian Greens Party in Parliament in voicing the suffering of the Palestinians and urging the Government to call for a ceasefire despite falling on deaf ears.

The Australian community from all walks of life consistently come together in solidarity to rally against the Australian Government’s stance with ‘Israel’, to no avail.

We watch the Australian Greens party, both in parliament and in public, voice its support for Palestine while every other political party remains silent and complicit in the war crimes of ‘Israel’.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Australian Greens for doing their due diligence in advocating for the innocent and not caving into the propaganda spread by the West whose lies continue to be refuted and debunked.

We demand that the Australian Government open its eyes and call for an immediate and sustained ceasefire facilitating peace and ending of occupation of Palestine.

While I admittedly have not voted for the Australian Greens in the past due to conflicts in some of its programs which are in contravention to the principle of my faith, I publicly acknowledge that it is evident now that your political party is the only one who truly stands on the side of justice and humanity.

I can confidently say that moving forward, the Australian Greens has the vote of the Muslim community as we both stand for justice and humanity.

I personally intend to reach out to Muslim communities around Australia to unite our support for the Australian Greens in future elections, so that we may be governed by representatives who truly reflect the core values of its citizens.

Do not be disheartened by the opposition you encounter in the Parliament in your standing up for justice and humanity!

God bless the Australian Greens!