The 6th National Summit of the Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM) was held on Sunday 26 November 2023 online via ZOOM attended by prominent Muslim organisations and community leaders from around Australia  to discuss important issues of concern to Australian Muslims.

The AAM aims to serve as a collaborative platform to coordinate and enhance efforts for the common benefit of the Australian Muslim community where it continues to stand with and contribute to the broader Australian society.

The delegates at the National Summit focused on the key areas of promoting an Australian Muslim identity, enhancing media and political engagement, strengthening public relations, and advocating for the protection of the civil rights of minority groups.

This includes the serious concern in relation to the rise of Islamophobia, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Arab and Anti-Palestinian sentiment particularly during past two months with Israeli attacks on Gaza and its global fallout.

The AAM is currently comprised of over 210 mainstream Muslim organisations from all Australian States and Territories. It is open to all mainstream and representative Muslim organisations and individuals who are active in the Australian Muslim community.

The 6th AAM National Summit also held a strategy workshop to review the objectives, vision and goals of the AAM, and its future with its aim to be a representative body that will represent, advocate for, and safeguard the interests of the Muslim community in Australia.

The 6th AAM Summit and participants have unanimously agreed and supported the following motions:

  1. AAM members stress that the unity of the Muslim community is the utmost priority and objective and need to continue collaborating.
  2. AAM members acknowledge and understand that each individual and organisation may have their views, initiatives, and objectives. However, we all believe in the importance of working for the common good and interests of the Muslim community, supporting one another, and standing in solidarity with each other. At the same time, we respect the different views and opinions of others.
  3. To stand strong in solidarity with the People of Palestine and the rights of the Palestinian people.
  4. To call upon the Australian Government to condemn the Barbaric actions and attacks of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) on Gaza and the Westbank,
  5. To call for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire and
  6. To recognise the State of Palestine, and the rights of the Palestinians to self-determination and freedom from unlawful occupation.
  7. The AAM raises serious concerns over the rise of Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Sentiment.
  8. The AAM calls upon the Australian Government to recognise the danger of Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Sentiment, and
  9. To protect the Australian Muslim community and their institutions during these pressing times and high tensions and the rise of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment.
  1. To hold an annual commemoration of the Christchurch Massacre in March and raise awareness on the danger of Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Sentiment.
  2. To commemorate the Srebrenica Genocide in July and support the Bosnian Community in commemorating this event.

The 6th AAM Summit has also endorsed and supported:

  1. The establishment of the Muslim Community Fund (MCF), the fund is Australia’s first collective fund established by the Australian Muslim community to empower its most pressing strategic needs. Owned and built for the community, the fund strives to advocate, on all fronts and levels, for the best interests of all Australian Muslims, for this generation and generations to come. WEBSITE:
  2. National Mosque Open Day, to hold a national mosque open day in all states and territories, inviting non-Muslims and local stakeholders to engage and understand the Muslim community and Islam, and foster a good relationship with the wider Australian society. The AAM plans to hold the National Mosque Open Day on 24 & 25 February 2024.
  3. AAM Community Directory and Website – MuslimCentral, is a platform and an online directory for Muslim organisations to promote the different services and facilities each Islamic organisation provides within their respective state or territory. The directory will enable users to locate their local organisation or within a particular location and search for specific facilities or services within their area or state. Examples include Prayer Facilities, Local community events and activities, Various classes/groups catered for, Counselling Services, Funeral Services, etc.

The Alliance of Australian Muslims plans to meet next year for the 7th AAM National Summit on the Sunday 3 November 2024.

For nominations and expressions of interest to join AAM please apply online: