Humans are created by One God, and then they are from the same parents Adam and Eve, yet why cannot they accept one another as one large human family?

If they did, the world would have been a better place.

The questions do not end here. Many people ask if human unity is possible at all! Many young people do not see any hope in human unity.

Can anything be done about it?

Islam never teaches us to be hopeless, and it inspires people to work harder for unity instead of wasting time in questioning. The right question must be, “What can I do to promote unity in humans?” rather than pointing fingers to others for blaming.

I would like to give a few tips about it.

The first tip is that I should take the efforts of human unity as a responsibility on me. Allah has placed that responsibility on me as a vicegerent.

The second tip is that I must make effort to communicate with others as much as I can to remove misunderstanding about Islam and Muslim. I should not feel shy to engage, to share, and to enter into dialogue.

The third tip is that for human unity, I should look for common ground in good initiatives despite the differences. I cannot force my ideas on others, but I can promote human brotherhood and sisterhood as children of Adam.

The fourth tip is that I must be a good role model as the true follower of the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (s). Allah sent him as the ideal human, ideal prophet and as a mercy for the worlds.

With the role modelling, people will see my actions, my kindness, and my love towards humans, and the action will speak louder than the talks.

The fifth tip is that I must be patient and hopeful in my righteous actions such as smile, humility, kindness, compassion, and patience are the examples of righteous actions and with righteous actions I can win hearts of other humans much more that hate, fear, and fighting.