The 21st WAMY International Camp for Medical Students 2023” was held from 29 July to 3 August in Kuala Lumpur on the theme of “Muslim Medical Professionals: Contemporary Challenges and Solutions.”

The Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) is a global medical society that unites Islamic Medical organisations worldwide, offering Muslim healthcare workers an engaging platform for international collaboration.

Central to its mission is the involvement of future healthcare professionals in international projects and programs, one of which is the annual camp designed for Muslim medical students.

These camps provide invaluable networking opportunities and serve as a wellspring of inspiration for aspiring leaders in healthcare.

This year, Malaysia played host to this remarkable experience, and I had the privilege of being a part of it.

Here’s an overview of my enriching experience at the camp, highlighting key aspects of the program:

Thematic Lectures: The camp featured interactive thematic lectures that spanned a wide spectrum of topics, including global issues, cultural awareness, and personal development. These insightful sessions were conducted by experts in their respective fields, offering valuable insights and stimulating discussions. Following these lectures, my fellow delegates and I participated in workshops where we collectively tackled thought-provoking questions, promptly applying our newfound knowledge and honing our critical thinking skills.

Delegate Presentations:  Each delegation from various countries had the opportunity to present the activities of their respective Islamic Medical Associations. These presentations served as an inspiring showcase, motivating us to implement similar initiatives in our local communities. The projects encompassed a broad spectrum, including local health campaigns, community services, fundraisers, and educational programs, among others.

Leadership Development: The camp fervently encouraged participants to nurture their leadership potential. It offered an array of leadership-focused activities, including workshops, group discussions, and engaging role-playing exercises. These experiences left us feeling empowered, ready to step into leadership roles in our future healthcare careers.

Social and Active Programs: In addition to the academic program, the camp featured social programs that brought delegates closer together. These activities offered a glimpse into the diverse traditions and cultural insights we all brought to the table. The program included team-building exercises, captivating cultural performances, and enjoyable recreational events, fostering strong bonds and lasting connections among participants.

Community Impact: A highlight of the camp was our engagement in community service programs, such as community health check-ups and CPR and AED training, conducted at local mosques. These hands-on experiences reaffirmed our commitment to social responsibility while providing a real-world context in a vastly different environment. Navigating language barriers, unfamiliar cultural settings, and varying practices served as a valuable glimpse into the challenges of global health practice.

Tourism: Beyond the enriching educational aspects, the camp treated us to unforgettable tourism adventures where we had the opportunity to explore Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage and immerse ourselves in the country’s unique attractions.

My time at the FIMA International Camp was nothing short of empowering. I found myself connecting with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering cultural understanding, and forming international friendships.

This program was truly inspirational, deepening my pride in my identity as a Muslim while highlighting the continuous contributions of Muslim healthcare professionals to both local communities and global health.

It’s an opportunity not to be missed – a platform that encourages us to envision and create a lasting impact on the world while forging meaningful connections with fellow participants from across the globe.