The ongoing genocide in Gaza today recalls many historical genocides Muslims have faced throughout history, persisting even now.

A haunting question arises when Muslims are labeled as terrorists merely because of their faith: Why do massacres continue to be committed against Muslims by those professing humanity and freedom?

Who slaughtered thousands of Muslims in the Middle Ages, established inquisitions to torture them?

Who perpetrated the massacre in Srebrenica? It stands as one of the worst massacres in Europe since World War II, with 8,372 Bosniak Muslims killed, mostly men, elders, and children aged between 12 and 77.

Who leads the mass genocide of the Uyghurs, detaining over a million Muslims in secretive camps without legal procedures, constituting one of the broadest detentions of ethnic and religious minorities?

Who spearheads military repression and racial and religious persecution against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and against Muslims in Kashmir?

All these massacres made me reflect upon the meanings of this noble prophetic saying, in which the Prophet Mohammad (s) said: “A time of patience will come to people in which adhering to one’s religion is like grasping a hot coal.” [Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2260]

Just as the Hadith describes our situation, it also guides and urges us to show:

  • Patience and resilience in facing harm and hardships that the believers face, such as ridicule, sarcasm, beatings, insults and other forms of Islamophobia.
  • Enjoining good and forbidding evil as much as possible guided by Islamic teachings.
  • Working to teach people the correct interpretation of Islam, and warn them against polytheistic practices, heresies, and myths that are widespread and dominate people’s minds and thoughts.

I ask Allah by His beautiful names and lofty attributes to grant relief and ease to the distressed among Muslims and grant us patience and to guide us to what He loves and is pleased with.