Whatever is happening in Gaza & West Bank, is extremely shocking. No doubt the killing of humans need to be condemned, so, the killing of Jews in Israel is condemned. But every sensible person should also look into the cause not the effect. If the cause is addressed, the effect can easily be resolved.

Before forming an opinion, the facts must be analysed by history. By the fall of the Ottomon Empire, Palestine solely belonged to the Palestinians but during WWI, the UK licensed the displaced Jews to settle in Palestine through Balfour Declaration in 1917.

Whereas in 1947, the UN unfairly awarded 55% of Palestine to the minority Jews to setup Israel. But the Jews continued to expand, which triggered the Arab-Israel war in 1967. During this war, Israel occupied the Golan heights of Syria, West Bank of Jordan and Sinai desert of Egypt.

Following the war, the UN asked Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories and to co-exist with Palestine. Contrary to that Israel occupied over 90% of Palestine and deprived the Palestinians from their rights.

The Western world claims but maintain double standards for human rights by prejudice of race and religion. Why the blood of a Ukranian weighs over the blood of a Palestinian? The West condemns & supports democracy, dictatorship & human rights, as it helps their agenda.

Allah made the world for beauty and peace to prevail but the hypocritic leaders of the West enslaved the poor nations through poverty or war. While they trade arms to make them fight, they fund their sponsored leaders to rule by proxy to implement their policies.

In the last three weeks, the massacre of around 9,000 and injury to around 15,000  innocent civilians including one-third of children, is extreme of inhumanity. Since the siege of Gaza, supply of water, power, fuel, food and medicines is fully cut-off.

Contrary to the Geneva Convention, Israel has also used White Phosphorus in Gaza and bombed the hospitals, mosques, church & schools, which are war crimes. If any group has done something wrong, how the millions of innocent people can be punished for it? But the hypocritic & inhuman world leadership is silent over it.

Israel first asked 1.1m Palestinians to evacuate to the south then started bombing the convoys & public amenity centres in the south, especially killing 500 patients at Al-Alhi hospital. Also, the UN centres are closed due to the death of it’s relief workers.

The hypocrite Israel, on foreign pressure, announced for humanitarian aid to flow in from Egypt through Rafah crossing but at the same time, it’s bombing in the South to destroy the infrastructure and network for aid distribution. Amid bombing, the Palestinians are suffering without water, power, food & medicines, pending an extreme human disaster.

Israel is strengthened by the support of Western leaders and silence of their sponsored leaders, so enhanced it’s bombing on Gaza and the West Bank while closing in fast for invasion of Gaza for a genocide.

The world leaders must knock their conscience and press Israel for an immediate  ceasefire instead of collaboration in war crimes.