In the context of the ongoing health and humanitarian crisis in the Palestine-Gaza conflict, the Australian Islamic Medical Association (AIMA) representing Muslim healthcare professionals in Australia express deep distress over the lack of access to essential life-saving healthcare in Gaza.

The crisis is exacerbated by restrictions, lack of medical supplies, and the inability to perform life-saving surgeries. Health workers are being killed and injured, hindering their ability to function effectively.

We urge the Australian government to advocate on behalf of Australian citizens and health professionals, calling for the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to provide critical medical aid and relief to innocent civilians in Gaza.

WHO representative Richard Peeperkorn, responsible for the West Bank and Gaza, highlights the consistent attacks on healthcare facilities in the occupied Palestinian territory, with 51 documented attacks in Gaza alone, resulting in casualties among healthcare workers.

The situation in Gaza is dire for 2.2 million people, deprived of essential resources such as electricity, fuel, food, and water. Hospitals and medical care facilities, leading to a situation where surgeries are conducted without painkillers, and civilians, including women and children, are killed indiscriminately. According to the United Nations, over 4,000 people have been killed, and one million people are internally displaced.

In this critical moment, we call upon the Australian government to fulfil its obligations to the international community. We urge the Australian government to:

  • Condemn all violence in the conflict.
  • Support international initiatives aimed at opening a humanitarian corridor to facilitate aid delivery to besieged Palestinians.
  • Uphold universal human rights principles for all, ensuring justice, equality, and dignity for everyone involved.

We firmly believe in the sanctity of life, justice, equality, and dignity, and we call on the Australian Government to strongly advocate for these principles on behalf of Australians during such times of crisis.

We are eager to collaborate with the Australian government to offer assistance and support, particularly in terms of medical aid and relief operations in Gaza.

We mourn the loss of all innocent lives and affirm our commitment to providing care for all, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, creed, or gender.

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