The Australian Islamic Medical Association (AIMA) and Griffith University Muslim Students Association (GUMSA) collaborated in hosting a joint student/junior healthcare practitioner mentoring event on 7 October at Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, attended by more than 35 students.

The theme of the event ‘Guiding the Next Generation of Muslim healthcare practitioners’ was to address challenges that Muslim student healthcare practitioners face during university life and following graduation.

Health professionals from diverse fields shared their struggles, stories of success and words of wisdom to the up-and-coming generation of Muslim healthcare students.

The mentors speaking at the event included:

  • Dr Elizabeth Elder – Registered nurse and researcher
  • Dr Salih Ibn Mohamed – PGY3 critical care doctor
  • Dr Osama Shahid – Urogynocology registra
  • Dr Zaid Aumerally – Dentist
  • Taj Maryol – Registered nurse
  • Ahmed Alzubaidy – Physiotherapist

The afternoon ended with a panel discussion involving Dr Elizabeth Elder, Dr Osama Shahid, Dr Salih Ibn Mohamed, Taj Maryol, Omer Hassan, and Mustafa Hamimi.

Several topics raised by the audience and addressed by the panel included:

  • The importance of mentoring and networking with fellow Muslims
  • Living as a Muslim in rural communities
  • Balancing study with Islamic responsibilities
  • Managing stress as a student/intern
  • Handling friction with supervisors/staff.

Overall, the event was a success and offered an opportunity for students to network and learn from other Muslim healthcare professionals.