The Australian Centre for Unity (Slacks Creek Mosque) buzzed with purpose as it hosted the Logan Police Multi faith Leadership Meeting on 9 October 2023  echoing diverse voices of political and multi faith leaders on the theme “National Child Protection Awareness.”

The meeting began with essential housekeeping tasks overseen by Maria Fakahau, ensuring the event’s smooth progression extended a warm welcome to all attendees and facilitated the session, embodying a spirit of inclusivity.

Uncle Terry Stedman paid heartfelt respects to the Indigenous landowners in an acknowledgment of the country’s traditional custodians.

Chief Melissa Adams then took the stage, setting a thoughtful and engaging tone for the event with her opening remarks thanking Slacks Creek Mosque for hosting the meeting.

The attendees, representing diverse backgrounds and affiliations introduced themselves, creating a sense of community.

A highlight of the meeting was the presence and input of Councillor Jon Raven where his active participation all though the meeting kept it alive and his thought provoking opinions impressed all.

The meeting delved into significant topics, starting with insights from Detective A/Sgt Yvonne Canning, who shared invaluable knowledge about child protection intricacies from the perspective of the Logan Child Protection Unit.

Manager Sharon Parnwell from the Child Safety Service Centre provided profound perspectives, enriching the discussion with her expertise.

The session transformed into an interactive Q & A, where engaged participants sought clarifications and shared their thoughts, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas.

The event concluded on a reflective note with a heartfelt closing prayer led by PLO Joseph Otieno, uniting attendees in contemplation.

Following the formal proceedings, attendees gathered over tea for an afternoon of engagement, fostering connections, and discussions that further strengthened the sense of community at the gathering.

This meeting was not just an event, it was a vital initiative in fostering awareness and understanding about child protection. Through collaborative efforts and shared knowledge, the Logan Multi faith community continues to stand united, making a significant impact on vital social issues.