Reporting Islamophobia just became easier with the Register expanding its reporting functionality to allow for reporting via multiple methods: online, sms, voice-memo, call-back service, email and via social media direct messaging. 

In a moment of distress or uncertainty, it can often be difficult to collect your thoughts and know where and how to report the Islamophobic incident you have witnessed or experienced.

By reporting to the Register, you can access victim support services such as pro bono legal support, culturally sensitive mental health referrals and advocacy. Reporting is also crucial because it helps the Register to track and ultimately tackle Islamophobia. 

Did you know that you can report Islamophobia in 7 different ways to the Register?

1. To begin with, the Register accepts reports via the reporting tool on their website. Here you can access two forms of which you will fill out one of these based on the type of incident: ‘in real life’ or ‘online’. 

Not able to access the internet or find ease in making contact via mobile? 

2. Send a text to +61 421 071 361 with incident details.

3. Send a voice-memo to +61 421 071 361 with incident details.

Be sure to include the following in your text/voice-memo:

    1. Your name
    2. Date of incident
    3. Location (suburb, state)
    4. Incident description
    5. Whether you’d like follow-up support or if it’s a ‘reporting only’ submission.

4. Send a text to +61 421 071 361 requesting a call-back.

Alternatively, if you’re present on social media you can: 

5. Send a direct message on Instagram at @islamophobiaregisteraus 

6. Send a direct message on Facebook to @Islamophobia Register Australia

7. Send an email to with incident details. 

Once you have made a report via one of these 7 methods, you can expect to be contacted by a support officer who can talk you through the Register’s victim support service. 

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