Growing up in Australia, my early education was intertwined with stories of Captain Cook’s arrival and the Stolen Generations. These narratives illuminated that Australia has historically overlooked and ignored the voices of Indigenous Australians.

In my secondary schooling, I learned how this systematic disadvantage continues to harm indigenous communities. Nonetheless, as a young Muslim, I frequently felt small and powerless in the face of such large-scale change.

However, we are currently presented with a rare opportunity for real change that extends beyond individual actions. As well as encompasses a collective effort towards rectifying historical injustices Indigenous Australians face.

This is why young Muslims should vote ‘YES’ in the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum.

In Islam, we are taught to embody values of justice and compassion. Our faith compels us to stand up against injustice and advocate for the oppressed. Yet, too often, we limit our benevolence to other Muslims and our communities.

This perspective does not align with the core teachings of Islam. We must recognise that we reside on Aboriginal land, and in doing so, acknowledge the historical and ongoing injustices faced by Indigenous Australians.

This referendum is not merely a political act, it is a moral obligation founded in our faith and an opportunity to put into practice the principles ingrained in us by Islam.

I implore all young Muslims to uphold the values Islam teaches us and extend your support to the Indigenous Australians by voting ‘YES’.