In a groundbreaking move towards diversity and inclusion, the Australian Community Development Program (ACDP) has made significant strides through impactful information sessions.

These partnerships with various organizations have sparked a remarkable response, showcasing ACDP’s dedication to empowering communities and creating new opportunities.

In the month of August 2023, ACDP has participated in four significant events across Australia.

The first event was held on 2 August 2023 at the Islamic College of Melbourne (ICOM) Career Expo.

There was a tremendous response both from parents and students alike.

ICOM high schoolers found the opportunities presented interesting evidenced by their registrations for ongoing engagement to find more such opportunities in the future and job application support from ACDP.

The Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference (AASIC) held on 18- 19 August, 2023, Melbourne was a monumental gathering.

Over 30 Islamic schools from across Australia participated, making it a pivotal event in the realm of education. Distinguished figures from the education sector graced the occasion, underlining its significance for the future of schooling.

The conference has been a game-changer, unlocking numerous opportunities for the ACDP team and facilitating invaluable connections with fellow education leaders who share our vision.

Multicultural Career and Job Expo: ACDP’s participation in the Multicultural Career and Job Expo Event, held on 23 August 2023, Brisbane, QLD was a significant milestone.

Among the 40+ exhibitors present, ACDP showcased its commitment to community development, firmly supporting diversity and inclusion as a central part of our vision.

The Islamic College of Brisbane Career Expo held on 31 August 2023 provided an excellent platform for ACDP to engage with its high schoolers.

ACDP took pride in showcasing the diverse career opportunities within the public sector for graduating students.

Both parents and students were impressed with the meticulously researched data we presented, revealing a wide array of exciting career possibilities.

Looking ahead, ACDP is dedicated to conducting more events and workshops, reaching out to communities throughout Australia. By empowering individuals and providing them with valuable information, guidance, and resources, ACDP aims to create a brighter future and build smarter, stronger, safer, and successful communities.

To learn more about the Australian Community Development Program and their impactful initiatives or to register your interest, visit their website (fill out their registration form) and join their transformative journey towards a positive change.

Together, let us foster inclusivity, empower individuals, and shape a more equitable and compassionate society.

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