Anxiety is the mind’s cinema hall where you play a movie in which the outcomes are horribly negative and sometimes terrifying.

It is a mental movie where even though you are the director of the movie, you choose to act as a victim or a villain.

These mental images keep you in a trap of fear and anxiety and stop you from being your best self to serve Allah.

When you have self-harming or self-loathing thoughts that are unkind, you are unable to serve Allah and His creation.

Here are ways to turn common anxious thoughts into thoughts that will serve Allah and create positive vibes in your mind, body, and spirit.

  1. I hate myself  (I am a beautiful creation of Allah)
  2. I’m a failure ( I have survived through my tests and learnt my lessons)
  3. I need food to feel better (Allah is my comforter. Only Allah can make me feel better. I submit to Allah)
  4. I’m stuck  (My life is unfolding according to Allah’s plans for me. Alhumdolillah)
  5. I hate feeling like I’m always struggling (I am grateful for everything I’m learning through this experience. Allah has put me to it, and He is putting me through it. I am wiser and stronger now that I am going through this experience)
  6. No one loves me, and I will end up alone  (I am a beautiful creation of Allah. I deserve love, light, peace, and joy. I am love; I radiate love)
  7. I don’t have enough money  (Thank you, Allah, for providing me with exactly what I need precisely when I need it. Ya Allah, you are the only source of rizq, and you know what I need and when I need it. I am so grateful for this daily abundance of rizq)
  8. How come other people’s marriage is happier than mine? (Thank you, Allah, for my realisation that I need to reflect upon how I’m contributing to my marriage. I am grateful for this realisation that I need to be accountable and responsible for my own choices)
  9. My children don’t listen, they’re disobedient. What more can I do? They’re so unappreciative and ungrateful. (Thank you, Allah, for making my children healthy and joyful and protecting them. I am grateful that you help me every day to be a good role model for my children)
  10. I hate my job. I can’t stand my colleagues.  (Thank you, Allah, for the realisation that my heart is not aligned with my work. I place my trust in you that you are guiding me to knowing what my purpose is. Ya Allah, help me to be of service to others in all that I do in my work so that I may please you)
  11. I hate my body.  (Thank you, Allah, for my healthy body which unconditionally breathes for me and allows me to accomplish righteous deeds that may please you)