Inspirational speakers have been the driving force behind the Lebanese Muslim Association’s recent series of special events, attracting remarkable crowds eager to listen and learn.

As these events continue to flourish, the wisdom of the phrase “if you build it, they will come” becomes apparent, though the ultimate success of such gatherings is of course totally attributable to the will of Allah, our almighty creator.

Over the past few weeks, the LMA has conducted three major events involving knowledgeable and motivational guest speakers from within the Muslim community and on each occasion, the huge attendances have been a throwback to the kind of audiences that were more common 20 or 30 years ago.

Othman Bin Affan (OBA) Mosque, the LMA-owned masjid in Cabramatta in southwestern Sydney which has a hard-working local committee brimming with innovative ideas, set the ball rolling when the inspirational Brother Mohamed Hoblos was the guest speaker at a special Youth Night on Friday 14 July.

Hoblos drew over 800 mainly young Muslims, a crowd rarely seen at the Water St complex in its 40-year history.

Enthralled young people crowd around Mohamed Hoblos at Cabramatta mosque

His important topics, “The Beauty of Islam” and “Honouring Our Parents,” were followed by a special moment when a young man named David came forward and embraced Islam, making his Shahada.

Following the overwhelming success of the Cabramatta event, Australia’s most iconic masjid, the LMA’s Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque in Lakemba welcomed highly respected international speaker Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud on Sunday 30 July.

With a vast social media following, Sheikh Abu Bakr presented a captivating discourse titled “Six Ways To Safeguard Yourself Against The Fitnah Of The Dajjal.”

Around 1,300 worshippers gathered on the night, eager to hear the Sheikh’s eloquent explanations of methods we can use to protect ourselves against the deceptive figure of the Dajjal.

The runaway success of this event prompted well-known community figure Ahmad Hraichie to comment, “Alhamdulillah, for me this (number of people) brought back memories of growing up and attending events at Lakemba Mosque as a youth.”

Building on the momentum from Cabramatta, the turnout for Hoblos’ speech at Lakemba Mosque on Friday 11 August rivalled the kind of numbers seen during the sacred Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan.

Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud addressed a crowd of crowd of around 1,300 at Lakemba Mosque on July 30

Over 2,800 mainly young individuals attended the event, organised by the LMA’s Lakemba Mosque Youth.

That’s around 5,000 attendees in total across the three gatherings, which sends out a resounding message: organising events with exceptional guest speakers and post-event functions is a recipe for success, drawing the community together in unison.

For the youth, these events provide a platform to meet like-minded individuals and hopefully establish lifetime friendships – not to mention gaining valuable knowledge from expert speakers.

The hope is that this wisdom will have a lasting impact on attendees, guiding their future life paths.

Summing up, these remarkable events exemplify the power of inspirational messages to draw crowds that bring our community together.

Mohamed Hoblos was all smiles when pictured post-event at Lakemba

Their success is a testament to the enduring impact of wisdom and the desire to learn from esteemed speakers within our community.

With the blessings of Allah and the dedication of organisers, these initiatives will continue to inspire and uplift the hearts and minds of all who attend them.

May Allah bless and protect our youth and may He reward everyone involved in the organising of such initiatives – and the guest speakers as well, of course.

Making a point…Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud


Mohamed Hoblos with Lakemba Mosque stalwart and fantastic community supporter Alaadin Dib


LMA vice president Roy Raed Halabi, board member Hussein Hadid and Operation Services Manager Khaled Alameddine

Packed to the rafters…..Cabramatta Mosque on July 14 during Mohamed Hoblos’ chat to the youth


Mohamed Hoblos addressed around 3,000 people at Lakemba Mosque on August 11


LMA funeral director and outstanding community asset Ahmad Hraichie with Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud


The traffic control team always does an awesome job when major events are held at Lakemba Mosque


Giving back….young volunteers Jibril and Mohammed help prepare the post-event barbecue at Lakemba on August 11