The NSW Premier’s Multicultural Communications Awards (PMCAs), commencing almost a decade ago, as the Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards have been recognising excellence in the multicultural media and marketing industry.

The PMCAs acknowledge the important role marketing and media professionals play in communicating and connecting people to their culture, identity and language.

The PMCAs recognise the valuable contribution multicultural media and marketing make to our diverse community showcasing their positive contributions to all Australians.

Through these long years, AMUST has been recognised almost every year making the finalist list in various categories and winning multiple PMCAs over the years.

This year at 2023 PMCA, two entries from AMUST were in the finalist list in the category of ‘Best Text Report’ competing with each other and finally Saleh Yucel’s passionate article was recognised as the winning entry.

Personally I have myself won a number of PMCA’s through the years having been recognised with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Premiers Multicultural Communications Awards (PMCA) 2021.

The PMCA award ceremonies were celebrated with gala dinners and entertainment attended by more than 500 finalists, winners, their friends and families, representatives of multicultural media as well as invited community guests and government officials.

However, due to COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, PMCA award presentation events could not be held denying the ceremonial nature of these awards.

Post COVID, last year PMCA 2022 awards were announced and handed over in a low key ceremony at Sydney Theatre Company in the presence of finalists and their guests.

And again this year in 2023, the finalists were contacted to obtain tickets for themselves and their guests making a list of hardly 160 attendees witnessing the award ceremony of PMCA 2023, again at the Sydney Theatre Company.

There was no announcement of finalists for PMCA 2023, no publicity of the date or venue of the award ceremony and surprisingly the nominators of the awards had no idea of finalists or the date/venue for the awards before the event.

The nominators for the award, members of the multicultural media and for that matters leaders and members of the multicultural community were basically denied the opportunity to celebrate the success and recognition of their colleagues.

The only information that was relayed to the public after the event was through a media release, by the NSW Premier and the Minister for Multiculturalism, the next day after the event.

This has been highly disappointing.

AMUST and I understand, many multicultural media platforms, used to cover PMCA award ceremonies on a regular basis showcasing the success and recognition by the government through stories, photos and videos, but unfortunately, this opportunity was denied to them.

AMUST did not have the resources to cover PMCA 2023 at all, simply relying on the brief media release and a few photos to highlight the achievements of those who did supply some information in this regard.

We wish to make representation on behalf of multicultural media to the NSW government, the Premier, the Minister for Multiculturalism and to Multicultural NSW to make the process of PMCA 2024 and the award ceremony more transparent and give the opportunity for multicultural media to fully participate at such events not only to join the celebration but to provide good coverage for their readers and to the community at large.