Honoring His Excellency the Jordanian Ambassador, Dr. Ali Krishan, on the occasion of the end of his diplomatic service in Australia

On the occasion of the end of his diplomatic services in Australia, Darulfatwa , the Islamic High council of Australia, honored His Excellency the Jordanian Ambassador, Dr Ali Krishan,  Chairman of the Council of Arab Ambassadors and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Australia.

The event was attended by several dignitaries, including Professor Sheikh Salim Alwan, Haj Mohammed Mehio, His Excellency Mr Abdulla ALsubousi Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates His Excellency Dr Izzat Abdulhadi, Ambassador of the State of Palestine and Head of the General Delegation of Palestine to Australia, Mr Mohamed Khalil Consul-General of Egypt Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr Vedi Kurnia Buana, Dr Bilal Aksoy, Vice Consul representing Mr Ali Sevim, Consul General of Türkiye and Mr Shaoquett Moselmane, ex-MLC of NSW Parliament.

The MC for the event was Mr Ayman Alwan, Principal of Amanah College.

The welcome speech was given by Haj Muhammad Mohio, who spoke about the challenges faced by the Islamic community in the 1970s, including racism and other hardships. He also praised Darulfatwa , the Islamic High council of Australia  for the role in promoting Islamic values in society.

During his speech, Dr Ali Krishan thanked Darulfatwa for their kind invitation and noted their role in promoting moderation. He also highlighted the Jordanian government’s efforts to spread the true teachings of Islam.

The closing speech was given by Professor Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Husseini, the Chairman of Darulfatwa, who thanked Ambassador Krishan for his great service during his tenure.

He praised Dr Krishan’s work at both the diplomatic and consular levels, as well as his efforts to strengthen relations with Arab and Islamic associations and to unite the Jordanian community.

Darulfatwa in Australia is committed to promoting moderation and fairness, which helps protect both society and individuals.