In a move to embrace diversity and meet the dietary needs of the local community, Grill’d, the popular Australian burger brand, has opened its 164th restaurant in Blacktown, NSW. What makes this opening particularly special is that it will be Grill’d’s first-ever restaurant to offer a range of Halal-certified menu options.

With a strong commitment to delivering delicious and nutritious burgers to communities across Australia, Grill’d has been on an exciting expansion journey. The addition of the Blacktown location aims to create an inclusive dining experience by catering to the dietary preferences of the Halal community. This means that certain burgers on the menu will have bacon removed, alcohol will not be served, and all meat products will be sourced exclusively from Halal-certified suppliers.

Ben Goss, the Chief Marketing Officer of Grill’d, expressed the brand’s eagerness to embrace this new venture. “At Grill’d, we pride ourselves on welcoming everyone, regardless of their dietary requirements, to enjoy our 100% natural, healthy, and nutritious burgers,” Goss shared. “In response to the local community’s demands, we are delighted to introduce Halal menu options for our Grill’d fans. We also extend a warm invitation to residents of Blacktown and the surrounding areas to come and experience our mouthwatering burgers – we’re confident you won’t be disappointed!”

Australia’s Muslim population has been steadily growing over the years, with an estimated 604,200 Muslims residing in the country as of the 2016 census. This represents a significant demographic that deserves consideration and accommodation when it comes to dining options. Recognising the cultural and religious significance of Halal food, Grill’d’s decision to introduce a Halal-certified restaurant demonstrates its commitment to meeting the needs of diverse communities.

The Blacktown restaurant recently opened in May and has been met with glowing reviews from satisfied customers. Roydon Hurst expressed his delight, saying, “The burgers are sensational! Also Halal, and we couldn’t taste the difference at all. We will be back!” Neel Kumar praised the fantastic burger, friendly team, and great atmosphere, stating, “So pumped that we have Grill’d in Blacktown now!!”