Richmond, located in Sydney’s northwest, is emerging as an attractive suburb for numerous new families seeking affordable housing. With rapid land development and skyrocketing property prices in Sydney’s northwest, establishing new places of worship has become increasingly challenging due to limited land availability and high costs in busy suburbs.

Recognising these difficulties, the Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM) is dedicated to acquiring a property in Richmond for the construction of a mosque. The IFAM Shura, the executive body of IFAM, has decided to purchase a church that can be converted into a mosque following the settlement. The IFAM executives understand the vital role that mosques play in the lives of Muslim communities. Besides being a place of worship, mosques facilitate various activities catering to the needs of the entire family. These activities include social gatherings, community events with notable speakers and guests, lectures on key issues and Islamic knowledge, extensive interaction, and education for women and children about Islam. Mosques foster strong bonds among community members, allowing them to share both joys and sorrows, while ensuring the preservation of Islamic values for future generations, Insha Allah.

IFAM members hold in high regard the saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s), who proclaimed, “Mosques are the best places on the surface of this earth.” This statement resonates when we observe the multitude of benefits mosques offer to Muslims. While we have only highlighted a few, the list is endless.

To fulfil their objective, IFAM has made a deposit on a church situated a mere 5-minute walk from Richmond station and the town centre. Spanning an area of 1671 square metres, the property is deemed sufficient for any future construction plans, including a building and parking lot. Although the property’s value is $2.5 million, IFAM has devised a feasible payment plan spread over the next few months. Active fundraising campaigns are currently underway across Australia, with IFAM actively engaging Muslim communities nationwide. Through the blessings of Allah SWT, IFAM has already gathered around $700,000. The first settlement is scheduled for 23 June 2023. To achieve this goal, IFAM will host a fundraising dinner at the Renaissance Reception Centre in Lidcombe, Sydney’s west, on 18 June 2023. Generous support from the Muslim communities has been witnessed over the past few weeks since the campaign’s inception, and it is expected that the initial settlement target will be met during the fundraising dinner, Insha Allah.

IFAM humbly requests all community members to come forward and offer their support in any capacity to help build the House of Allah. Let us not forget the words of our Prophet Muhammad (s), who promised, “Whoever builds a house of Allah on this earth, Allah will build a house for him in Jannah.” Such efforts also guarantee continuous rewards for the individuals involved and their parents, Insha Allah.