Muslims look forward to Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations with great enthusiasm after the fasting month of  Ramadan

Every year Eid comes and goes and will continue but I will not continue living in this life for very long. My parents, and grandparents have departed from this life in old age, and they can’t celebrate the Eid as others who are still alive.

Shall I just pass my Eid with few rituals, or shall I take lessons from it for my everlasting benefits even if I die today? I ponder.

My first thought is what is the Eid for? Is it only for eating, drinking, and dressing up in new clothes? If that is so, then what about the joy of Eid for a poor Muslim? He cannot enjoy equally as I can because he can’t afford nice food or nice clothes on Eid day.

Is Eid for the rich Muslims only affected by a class system, so the rich ones will enjoy Eid while poor are deprived?

No, that is not what the Eid is for. Eid is for the Muttaqeen, who have profound Faith in Allah’s Judgment, and to avoid Allah’s punishment, they controlled their desires and cravings from sins, and have done lots of good deeds.

For them, Allah accepts their worships, forgives them, and promises them rewards before and after death. Eid is happiness and  is for of them.

Allah says, “Allah does accept (worship) from those who have Taqwa.” [Quran 5:27]

My reflection on this Eid is, have I done enough to receive Allah’s forgiveness and rewards? I am hopeful in Allah’s Mercy, but have I done my part? If not, how soon must I mend myself?

My second thought is about my level of achievement after the fasting. Allah prescribed fasting for me to increase Taqwa (High level of self-control to resist temptations).

If I have achieved the pass mark, then yes, I should celebrate the joy of scoring the high grade. If I have not scored high grade in Taqwa, am I to be enjoying Eid? Again, I have hope in Allah’s Mercy, but have I done my part in achieving Taqwa?

Have I achieved my goal of fasting that Allah has set for me? If not, when should I work on it before I die?

My third thought on this Eid day is my freedom. during the month of Ramadan, I was fasting, and during my fast I avoided food and drink exactly as Allah commanded me to avoid. I was restricted under fasting rules.

After fasting of Ramadan ended on Eid day, am I a free bird? Can I do anything in the name of Eid? Or am I always a servant of Allah even on the Eid day?

Do I have to follow the boundaries set for Halal and Haram to be a proper servant of Allah? This what I should reflect reflect upon!!