It is well known that the United Nations agencies are mainly concerned with the circumstances of struggling all over the world . UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees)  is one of the most complicated working agencies of the United Nations simply because of its direct relation with the Palestinian case and the Palestinian refugees .

Therefore, the spotlight is directed towards the role of UNRWA in the camps in terms of services, healthcare, and education.

Since its inception after the Nakba, UNRWA has been responsible for Palestinian refugees. However, today, UNRWA’s performance is affected by many factors, the most important of which the funding is related to political positions of  the donating countries and their position from the Palestinian case .

The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon’s camps continue to face difficult living conditions, and their situation is further compounded by the economic crisis in Lebanon.

In terms of healthcare, UNRWA has taken on the responsibility of providing health insurance for refugees since its establishment. However, today, the conditions of health insurance provided by UNRWA are extremely poor, limited to primary non-specialized treatment and hospital treatment is only covered up to 60%.

As for education, Palestinian refugees in Lebanon suffer from overcrowded classrooms in UNRWA schools, especially after the displacement of Palestinians from Syria to Lebanon following the Syrian War in 2011.

It is worth noting the severe shortage of teachers, which opens the door to discuss one of the most important objectives of the existence of UNRWA, which is the employment of Palestinian refugees.

This urgent need is linked to Lebanese labor law, which exempts Palestinians from most professions and also to the high unemployment rate due to the general economic situation in Lebanon .

At the end, we must reassure that UNRWA faces a lot of difficulties not just in Lebanon, but also in its other four working regions : Syria, Jordan,West Bank, and Gaza . So, it needs a lot of support and concern .