Kitabee Academy in Canberra has launched a second campaign to teach 1,000 Australian kids between 5-16 years how to read and write in Arabic during the 30 days of Ramadan.

Since January of 2023, Kitabee Academy has begun to offer 1,000 Australian children a chance to participate in its 2023 Ramadan Arabic Challenge.

In 2021, it ran a similar challenge which was promoted by SBS Arabic 24. Similar to the 2021 campaign, the 2023 Ramadan Challenge relies on written material, short explanatory videos, and raffle prizes to make learning Arabic as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

“This Ramadan will be different. Australian children will be able to read and write in Arabic on the day of Eid, insha Allah. They will also have the chance to win MEGA prizes,” said Mohanned Qassar, founder and manager of Kitabee Academy.

This Arabic challenge aims to teach children how to read and write, with short and long vowels, the twenty-eight letters of the Arabic alphabet in thirty days through Kitabee 1 Challenge. Kids who can read and write and want to improve their grammar, reading and conversation skills have also the chance to participate through Kitabee 2 Challenge.

Those who enrol in the challenge will gain private access to KITABEE online learning platform, where they can access a short video each day that will explain to participants how to pronounce, write and connect a particular letter for Kitabee 1 participants.

Students participating in Kitabee 2 Challenge will watch a daily video where they learn grammar, practice reading and writing, as well as learn simple Arabic conversation. Children will watch those videos and then complete the ensuing exercises in their KITABEE Arabic workbook.

Progressing children will have the chance of winning one of 2 x $50 gift vouchers on Saturdays 1, 8 & 15 April. Upon the completion of these thirty days, all those who successfully complete the challenge will be able to enter into a raffle for their chance to win some mega prizes, such as an Xbox, a PlayStation 5 or one of two smart watches!

The Academy encourages all parents who wish to enable their children to read and write Arabic and learn more grammar and vocabulary that will help them in their daily life and Islamic studies to register for this competition.

Registration will close on Sunday 15 March to ensure adequate shipping time for course materials prior to the commencement of Ramadan.

To register or to know more about this challenge, please visit:


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