The Islamophobia Register Australia (the ‘Register’) is to release its 4th Islamophobia in Australia report in Canberra at a launch event on Tuesday 21 March 21 2023 on Harmony Day (marking the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination).

The event aims to shed light on the nature and extent of Islamophobic incidents that are occurring in Australia, and touch upon the kinds of measures needed in order to help combat Islamophobia in Australia. 

The Register is the leading organisation tracking and tackling incidents of Islamophobia within Australia.

Through the collection and analysis of incident data over the years, the Register has previously published 3 academic reports with the upcoming 4th report covering incidents between 2020-2021 as well as a compilation of incidents since its inception in 2014.

These reports have had an extensive impact both nationally and internationally in providing evidence on the reality of Islamophobia in Australia. 

The launch event in Canberra will be kickstarted by the first hijab-wearing Muslim Senator, Fatima Payman, who will be giving the keynote address.

This will be followed by an impressive line-up of speakers including Minister Kylea Tink and Minister Sally Sitou.

Dr Derya Iner, the Register’s head of Research will also showcase the key findings of the 4th Islamophobia in Australia report. 

Tune in on the 21 March at 7.30 am as the Register goes live from Canberra on Instagram as well as Facebook to launch the 4th Islamophobia in Australia report. 

We will also be launching a social media campaign on Wednesday 15 March to mark the UN declared International Day to Combat Islamophobia and the 4th anniversary of the Christchurch Terror attack.

Look out for this campaign, which promises to be a powerful reminder of the importance of fighting Islamophobia. And please share, share, share! We would love for you to help us make this campaign go viral on Wednesday 15 March.

The Register encourages both victims and witnesses to report Islamophobia that occurs anywhere across Australia to the Register, whether it be in real life or online. No incident is too small to report.

In fact, seemingly minor incidents can help to paint a very useful picture of the climate that Australian Muslims might find themselves in. It can also assist in overcoming feelings of isolation by highlighting the frequency of certain incidents and occurrences.

It may help you to know that you are not alone. The Register is here to support you in finding peace and assist in regaining a sense of control and agency.

Know your rights. Report to the Register.