The PN Sports Community organised Campbelltown’s Multicultural Badminton Tournament at A1 Badminton Centre on Friday Night 23 December 2022  where eight teams participated in the competition which went for almost five hours.

The winners of the competition were Nijal & Vilson while runner-ups were Ammar & Usman.

Watch the replay of the final match here

This tournament was a great showcase of teamwork and multiculturalism in Australia, an initiative of PakOz Campbelltown Chapter and fully managed by PN Sports led by Bilal Mir.

The A1 Badminton team, including Mahmud, Syed and Zahed, ensured proper facilities not only the courts but also space to conduct the prize distribution ceremony.

Listen to a short Interview of Br Bilal & Shafqat Ali with Shahaan Shaukat

Young Innovators Australia’s club members provided technical support in the set-up of the competition page as well as live streaming of the final match on social media including Facebook and YouTube.The event was Sponsored by SaqCh+Partners Chartered Accountants.

The players and community were invited to bring their children as a way of engaging them in a healthy sporting environment while introducing them to the sport of badminton.

The competition started with a Robin Round format where each team was given the opportunity to play against 7 other teams that went for 3½ hours. After the initial rounds, the top 4 teams moved forward to the semi-finals.

The finals were streamed online followed by the Prize distribution ceremony.

Trophies were awarded to first and second-place teams while all other participating teams were given gift bags sponsored by the PakOz Team. All volunteers were acknowledged and awarded too with a delicious serving of biryani.

On behalf of the PakOz Team, Shafqat Ali thanked Br Bilal Mir, Asif Butt and Ayyaz from PN Sport for organising the event and praised Mahmood, Syed and Zahed from A1 Badminton Centre for their support and help.

He appreciated Gulzar, Shayyan, Ayaan, Sharmeen and Shahzeen from the Young Innovators Club for volunteering their time and effort for the competition and thanked all the participants for their excellent efforts during the tournament and for bringing along their families.

Special thanks were offered to Shahaan Shaukat for his efforts in the finals’ commentary and for taking care of the photos throughout the evening.
The event concluded with lots of smiles, prizes and promises to once again join hands in repeating this experience, all enraptured in a final group photo.