Accepting a new reality after what seems like an irrevocable loss is hard and what’s even harder is imagining a future that would bring happiness.

This post is an attempt to remind first to me and then to anyone else, that no matter what the magnitude of loss you’ve suffered, God will guide you through the path of acceptance.

A heart once inflamed and brewing with anxiety (Fuwa’ad) will regain its peaceful normal state again (Qalb) – but with patience and faith!

Void is an interesting word, I find it quite intriguing. It connotes a complete and utter sense of emptiness – a loss of what was or could have been. An emotion so alien with missing identity. It is silence but of deafening nature. It is being disconnected and further rendered unable to form connections as though all has been unlearnt.

At some point or another, we have all felt this powerful emotion that in and of itself lacks any emotion whatsoever but is powerful enough to water down all other emotions. In fact, drives them out of the heart space until literally nothing is left.

I am inclined to reflect on the state of a sacred heart. One that is recorded in chapter 28 verse 10 of the glorious Quran. The heart of the mother of the great Prophet Moses or Musa (a) who had been inspired by God to let go of her infant Musa ie to place him in a basket and cast it away into the river Nile.

It was divinely planned for the safety of the future messenger Musa (a) who could’ve gotten killed by the wrongdoer King Pharaoh. How God planned Pharaoh’s house to be Musa’s sanctuary is another astonishing turn of events.

At this point, the commentary in the Quran depicts how her heart feels totally empty. The chances of never seeing Musa (a) again are ever so high and the probability of losing him to death must have felt eminent. Also, she doesn’t have a plan as such. In doing so all she has is faith tinted with fear.

And it makes sense – the gaping, terrifying parting from who or what is most precious can shake the faith of a believer. But the most heart-warming part of the verse is where God states that, “Moses’ mother felt a void in her heart, If We had not strengthened it to make her one of those who believe, she would have revealed everything about him”. (Quran-28:10)

Imagining the scenario above brings to mind a state of emotional devastation that would perhaps make one forget to blink. A reality so harsh that would momentarily confiscate the breath. In those moments laced with desperation and fear when nothing and no one could have possibly provided the solace she had hoped for, the desolated heart was then held together by the loving Hand of God.

Symbolically speaking, as though the immaterial self was bursting at the seams stitch by stitch and God tied it back together into a perfect neat finish.

In the fabric of life, so many threads get pulled out in ways often rugged and more often than not, in timings that are uncalculated. But for a believer, there is solace in knowing that the fiber of life in 3D is connected to our Beloved God in the 5D. We are never truly alone for “He is with you wherever you are.” (Quran 57:4)

Whatever God chooses to take away be it partially or fully, temporarily or for good – it is to be replaced by what is better for us. And as much as we would wish to retain our object of affection, it is essential for the restoration of faith and inner peace to let go and surrender because His plan will prevail.

Believers place their faith in the eternal promise of His loving providence. God returned Musa (a) into the loving embrace of his mum but she remained steadfast and did not let fear overpower her faith.

Truth is, He will test us with what and whom we love the most for a reason you and I may not be able to fully comprehend. What is required of the believers is to trust radically and endure with patience otherwise there will be no way out of a sad state of mind that will eventually compromise a healthy perspective on life.

May we all, in every moment of existence, live to obey The One who has bestowed life with all its vulnerabilities only to see who gets to sustain the bigger purpose. May we be given hearts that are grateful for all that is and the way it is.

And lastly, may we be unashamed for our human weaknesses that are more alike than different irrespective of our religious beliefs.