This part of the noble verse # 187 from Quranic SuraH Al-Baqarah states what the form and content of the relationship between the spouses should be, to show one of the wisdom for which marriage is legalized by Allah the Almighty, namely sakinah, affection, and mercy, even with the presence of some inconveniences that life has in all aspects.

What does it mean for each of the spouses to be the body cover of the other?

The answer comes from looking at what the dress represents and the purposes it achieves for the one who wears it, accordingly, that is what each party must represent to the other.

Among those purposes of clothing, is covering, especially covering the private parts, which is what both parties should be keen on, so there is no room for disclosing secrets and desecrating veils.

Including protection from heat and cold, each of them must be keen to protect the other from the dangers that threaten theire life in this world and their fate in the hereafter.

Also, beautification and adornment, and this is how the spouses should be to each other, beautify each other with praise and mention the merits, and adorn each other with supplication and gentle, honest, rational advice.

In addition, proportionality with the body in length and width, there must be compatibility between the spouses or close to it in order to achieve proportionality in feelings and thoughts so that there is no cut and paste that distorts the relationship as the clothes are distorted.

Now a statement about the cultural, ethnic, and even sexual differentiation of individuals. The spouses must realize that it is not inevitable that they resemble others or clone their lives, and that each spouse has something that is distinguished and distinguished from others, and no human being is without that.

What characterizes clothing is the diversity of colors and materials, and this is one of the life necessities that marital relations must contain. There must be diversity in the methods of expression, and there must be a difference between the forms of dealing so that the matter does not end up in boredom only, which are of human nature, especially when things become repetitive monotony.

What I mentioned is the outline of what dress represents in the life of a man and a woman, which is what it is hoped that each part will provide to the other in order to obtain an appropriate amount of comfort, happiness, and stability.

It does not prevent the presence of tremors, but it inevitably prevents collapse of marriage.