On Thursday 24 November, the Lebanese Muslim Association will host its next major initiative, the 2022 LMA Career Expo, which returns as a live event following a three year hiatus owing to COVID restrictions.

The Career Expo will be held from 10 am to 2 pm on the above date at the LMA building in Lakemba, located next door to the iconic Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib Masjid (Lakemba Mosque).

The aim of the Career Expo is to assist and enable young people to appropriately navigate work and career pathways and to achieve opportunities for employment and training.

The event follows closely on the heels of the LMA’s highly successful National Mosque Open Day, which attracted huge crowds to Lakemba Mosque and other participating masjids last month.

The Career Expo will provide information and advice to high school students, newly arrived migrants and other prospective jobseekers as to their future options.

Around 20 businesses from a wide variety of industries will be stallholders, providing jobseekers the opportunity to liaise with these professionals, ask questions, leave their resumes and otherwise network with the many stakeholders present.

A number of workshops will also be held for the benefit of attendees including makeup, photography and fitness.

Sponsors of the Career Expo include The Last Slice Pizza Restaurant, Moment Weddings Photography, Ministry of Beauté by Ghada Nouh and Al Aseel Restaurant, while the LMA is also delighted to welcome The Australasian Muslim Times (AMUST)  on board as its media partner, providing extensive coverage of the event across its various platforms.

“AMUST is a proud media partner of the LMA Career Expo,” says Zia Ahmad, Editor-in-Chief, AMUST.

“It is our duty to work together to provide advice, direction, opportunities and hope to the next generation of talented community members who are full of incredible potential.

“We’re so proud to partner with events built to benefit the entire multicultural community.”

The LMA is working tirelessly to ensure that the Career Expo will be a success.

“We are committed to helping the next generation of jobseekers on their path to the workforce and the Career Expo is an excellent initiative for this,” says event coordinator Nada Dabboussi, the LMA’s Project Officer for Youth Outreach and Community.

“Registrations are still open for young people who wish to attend and we look forward to welcoming high school students and other career seekers.”

To register: Click here

Bronwyn Hadife, the LMA’s Chief Program Officer, has described the Career Expo as “a great networking opportunity for not only those planning their future career paths, but for employers, as well.

“Events like this don’t just help school leavers and other jobseekers investigate their options – the potential is there for the employers present on the day to connect with some very talented young men and women who may be prospective employees for their business so it’s a ‘win, win’.”