The Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM) held its  27th AGM at Eagle Vale Neighborhood Center in Southwest Sydney on Saturday 22 October 2022. attended by IFAM MGM’s from Sydney and Canberra in person and via Zoom from Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Some youth members of IFAM were especially invited to understand the decision making forum of IFAM and get a better understanding of IFAM’s mission and the dedication required to fulfil it.

This AGM  was also attended and addressed by representatives of other sister organisations and community leaders including Sheikh Shadi Alsuleiman, President of Australian National Imam Councils (ANIC), Siddiq Buckley from Australian Islamic Mission(AIM), Sheikh Abdur Rahman from Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC), Talal El Sheikh, Vice president UMA  NSW and Zia Ahmad, Editor-in-Chief of Australasian Muslim Times (AMUST).

Hafiz Muhammad Idrees a renowned Islamic scholar of Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan addressed the AGM through a video link.

Sheikh Shadi Alsuleiman acknowledged IFAM members for their consistent efforts in upholding Islamic activities for decades and he could count on them for support.

Brother Talal El Sheikh expressed his feelings of brotherhood and great affiliation with IFAM through many years. He said that all Muslims should co-operate and extend help to each other irrespective of their background, culture and language.

Brother Sadiq Buckley emphasised the importance of youth in history and the Islamic movement and  focused on how to motivate our youth for holding our mission in future in an effective way. He mentioned that Islam emphasized on developing great characters and holding truthfulness, honesty, good speech and helping and greeting others with a smiling face would make a difference and touch the hearts of people.

Sheikh Abdur Rahman talked about the concept of one Ummah above our national, linguistic and ethnic affiliations  and vowed to co-operate in future for the Islamic cause using the strong ideological links between IFAM and IPDC.

Brother Zia Ahmad remarked on the great success of IFAM developing into a nation-wide organisation growing from a small youth movement during the 1990’s due to dedication, resilience and persistent daawah work. He expressed his feelings of immense pleasure to see IFAM establishing global connections with other sister organisations inspired by the Islamic movement from USA, UK, India, Bangladesh, Egypt and Pakistan.

Hafiz Muhammad Idrees expressed his feelings of gratitude for IFAM’s activities in Australia. He said that he was pleased to see that IFAM was doing great work and had been working tirelessly for Muslims in Australia. Sticking to our values could bring a positive change in our lives and showing good manners would have great impact on others for desired daawah activities with positive image of Islam.

Brother Rab Nawaz from Charity Australia mentioned that they had supported flood affected communities in Pakistan, Syrian refugees in war torn areas, Rohingiya Muslims in Bangladesh and thanked donors for consistently supporting Orphan Care program in Pakistan as it was making a huge impact on their lives.

Br Rais Khan, IFAM President presented shield to invited speakers for their support to IFAm in the common cause of daawah.