Derby, a tourist destination is a regional town in Western Australia’s north located in Kimberley Region with a population of around 8,500 with a vibrant and growing community that has welcomed Muslims.

There are 10-12 Muslim families living in Derby with no place for warship in the form of Mosque/Masjid/Musallah. The nearest Mosque is 750 km away in south Headland.

Muslims Malays from Singapore, Java, Timor, Kupang, Sulawesi and elsewhere in the Indonesian Archipelago began arriving in WA from the 1869s, mainly as  indentured labourers working in the pearl-shelling industry.

From 1960’s onwards pearl-shelling industry wound down but many Muslim Malays who arrived as young men in the late 1950s and 1960s remained in Western Australia’s north where a significant number married local Indigenous women and today there are many Indigenous-Malay Muslims people in the Derby, Broome, Kununurra and elsewhere in the Top End towns of Western Australia.

Due to the lack of a place of worship, many Muslims have been losing their spiritual connection to Islam and moving further away from Islam.  Although the majority of the local Muslim population’s descendants still use Muslim names, they do not adhere to Islam.

For the revival of the Indigenous-Muslims a place of worship/Mosque is essential and therefore the Muslim community in Derby intends to construct a mosque and has registered an association (established a website, bank account, PayPal account, and Facebook account, among others), got Shire/Council clearance for the proposed Mosque project, and in the process of joining ICWA and AFIC.

First phase of the mosque project is to acquire the land (See photo) and then construct the mosque in the second phase.

Muslims from all over Australia are requested to donate towards the Derby Mosque  by depositing funds into ANZ Bank, Derby BSB: 016620 Account No 6448-57077 or via Pay ID 0480 379 400 or PayPal Account: