Can we live in a world without Muslims? For years we have seen injustice towards Muslims. But from the beginning of 2022, we have also seen a rise in hatred shown against Muslims, particularly in India, a predominantly Hindu majority country that is home to more than 204 Million Muslims. 

For a while, there has been a spike in violence toward Muslims in India. This has escalated significantly since the start of this year. We have witnessed the violence and mistreatment of Muslims.

We witnessed their lives being shattered in a matter of moments, their loved ones forced into custody, and their homes demolished and destroyed by bulldozers as was the case of Afreen Fathima, a student activist in India whose family home was bulldozed into rubble in the name of bulldozer justice.

But why is this happening to them? Why did they have to face such injustices? Why were they being punished for things that they had never done, quoting with the misconstrued Mughal history that happened many hundred years ago?  We live in 2022, not the past!

A number of Muslims have been arrested for telling the truth and standing up for their basic human rights and needs. Is it now a sin to even tell the truth and shed light upon what is real and what is fake?

A recent example is Mohammed Zubair, Alt news co-founder who was arrested and imprisoned for seeking justice for hate speech. The Supreme court of India came to his rescue and finally received his bail recently.

Seeking justice is now seen as a crime in India 

Many Muslims are struggling with the rising cases of Islamophobia and hate crimes across the world. So far we have seen the unjust treatment of the Uyghur Muslims, who are forced to live in concentration camps and are forced to abandon their religion. They are obliged to live a fake life that they don’t believe in.

We have also seen the merciless killings of Muslims in war-torn countries such as Palestine, Syria, Yemen and many more on this ongoing list.

There are many Muslims all over the world waiting to attain justice and restore peace. But why are Muslims being wrongfully stereotyped and targeted? What is the purpose of killing Muslims?

Many countries are taking this as a way to exterminate Muslims from their countries. But this is wrong and needs to stop! 

Is it right to kill people just because of what they believe in? Muslim lives matter, their life is equally as important as anyone else’s.

We all know that it’s unjust to discriminate or harm someone based on their race, ethnicity, or religious belief. We have laws that say we shouldn’t discriminate, but why aren’t they properly implemented with harsher implications?

How many more Muslims need to die before justice is served? 

The international community and people striving for fairness must do something before this situation escalates even further.