In most cases, HSC results are a foundation stone in someone’s career.   Many students overwhelmingly take the pressure of HSC exams due to the heavy competition in order to get high marks. 

Every year, Young Innovators Australia runs workshops on HSC which include how to manage your studies and do your exams. 

On the 12 July 2022, the Young Innovators Club team organised an online workshop on “HSC Exam Success Secrets” for Year 10, 11 and 12 students.

It was FREE to attend and also streamed on social media. In the workshop, topics were covered 

  • Time Management tools to keep your study time organised and stress-free.
  • How to “Be in the Best Shape” to have the energy up on mental and physical levels.
  • Best Revisions techniques to save time with less effort.
  • How Trial and Prac/Past Papers can help you to gain confidence that you are ready for exams.

Towards the end, students were briefed about how to organise their routine on exam day to avoid any mental blocks and any kind of stress or anxiety.

It was an interactive workshop based on learning activities. Many people had a laugh and had fun. The event was very smooth and participants learnt many new things and skills. 

Along with STEM learning workshops, Young Innovators Australia also helps students helps to become independent, innovative and productive learners.

The workshop was conducted by Shafqat Ali and Shayyan Ali, who is also year 12 student. 

You can watch the whole workshop on YouTube