The 19th Century began with the pandemic of Swine Flu which killed more than 100 million people while the second biggest killer since then has been HIV/AIDS, which has killed around 40 million during the last 35 years.

Other major killers before the rise of COVID-19 have been HPV virus (which causes Cancer of Cervix in females), Rabies Virus and Corona Virus. Now the WHO has declared Monkey Pox as a world emergency.

All these diseases have shown that the practices declared Haram (Prohibited) in Islam are largely responsible for massive mortality and morbidity.

Swine Flu spreads due to pig farming necessitated by increase in consumption of pork. HIV and HPV have direct relation with promiscuity, homosexuality, prostitution and drugs.

All these substances and practices are prohibited in Islam. (HPV largely spreads in women having relations with uncircumcised men.)

COVID-19 is again believed to have originated from the consumption of meat of animals not permitted in Islam.

Furthermore, many of these pandemics spread and have killed more people in the countries, where night life is flourishing as big market.

More than 60 million people have already died of COVID-19 and now, Monkeypox has just started hitting the news headlines, and it has already been proven to have direct relation with sex.

More than 16000 have already fallen ill and the number is expected to rise rapidly. According to Researchers at a World Health Organization (WHO) meeting, the sexual transmission component  of a monkeypox outbreak that has affected hundreds of people—mostly men who have sex with men—in at least 27 countries outside of Africa.

According to a new paper in the New England Journal of Medicine, out of the 528 confirmed cases reviewed, 95% are believed to have transmitted during sex between men.

Monkeypox may not be as dangerous as COVID-19 in terms of mortality, but it can make huge numbers of people bed-ridden or confined to their homes for several weeks, causing huge burden on economy.

What do all these statistics prove?

First, health needs to be given higher position than economics to preserve life and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Second, any substance or practice that has direct relation with dangerous diseases, especially pandemics, cannot be allowed in the name of “Freedom of Choice”, which is nothing but a ploy in the hands of the market forces to commercialise human susceptibilities.

In today’s world, first the causes of the diseases are commercialised to the hilt and then the solutions are commercialised in a big way. The psychology of market is that if there will be no problems, there will also be no need of solutions.

If healthcare market is to prosper, markets of the problems must also prosper.

Third, Islam provides a perfect health protective system, and the international health organisations must learn from its three dimensional approach of Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Fundamental Prohibitions.

Fourth, unfortunately, several Muslim countries particularly Arab countries are also fast moving towards the commercialisation of the practices prohibited by Islam. They must set an example by not only effectively banning them within their own countries but also by building pressure on international organisations to ban them at the global level.

If the world does not listen to the call of God, more and bigger pandemics will continue to emerge and consume human lives.