A three member delegation of IFAM  comprising of  President, Rais Khan, Vice President, Dr Kashif Aziz and Secretary General, Usaid Khalil visited the US towards the end of May to attend the ICNA  convention in Baltimore Maryland.

The Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM) is a grass roots national daawah organisation that has been working closely for a number of years now with its counterpart the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

This year the ICNA annual convention was held on 28-30 May 2022 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, USA attended by thousands of people including representative delegations  from various national and international Islamic organisations.

The three day, 47th annual convention with the theme “Building a just society: The Mission Continues” brought together most competent speakers from North America as well as overseas highlighting the Islamic mission of  creating a just society free from discrimination based culture, race, or language.

The convention also serves the purpose of imparting the message of Islam to the young generations living in the West and keep their connection with the global Ummah.

IFAM delegation expressed a feeling of immense pleasure to be part of the event and remarked that such events were highly important in the environments where people had limited sources of connection with Islamic education.

The delegation appreciated ICNA’s consistent efforts in arranging such large-scale events and ensuring their smooth operation and had the opportunity to network with Muslim activists and leaders in North America.

IFAM aims to hold similar events in Australia on a national level with delegates from overseas to strive globally for Islamic awareness, social justice and harmonious living.