Are You At Risk Of Developing Osteoporosis?
Do You Know What To Do For Your Bone Health?
Many individuals are unaware the bone loss starts at an early age, however, develops faster in middle and/or older age. Lots of bone mass is preventable.

Who is at Risk of developing Osteoporosis?

Women who Are thin and slight smoke cigarettes,  drink alcohol,  little exercise, have little calcium in their diet, high coffee intake, have a poor diet in general, lack hormones due to menopause and who take cortisone tablets are at risk of getting osteoporosis.

How do you know you have it?

Most women in fact do not know because thinning of bones occurs inconspicuously. It is often first noticed when a bone breaks due to fall. The best test to find out about density of bone is DEXA scan.

What can you do about it?

Actions you can take to prevent yourself from obtaining this condition is; take regular weight bearing exercise such as walking, stop smoking, cut down on alcohol and caffeine, have adequate calcium in your diet (recommended 1000 – 1500 mg daily), eat calcium rich foods such as milk, dairy products, fish, citrus fruits, sesame and sunflower seeds, almonds, brazil nuts, hazel nuts and tofu.

How can falls be prevented?

Falls tend to cause fractures in osteoporotic bones, they can be prevented by; removing loose or worn carpets and scatter rugs, wearing low heeled shoes, holding on to railings when using stairs, installing safety bars in the bathroom, using night lights to provide improved visibility, being cautious while consuming drugs(especially sleeping pills/tablets) and having good eyesight, regular eye checks are advised. These are the methods to prevent an individual from falls.

After all, it has to be taken into consideration that Osteoporosis is common in women, however, also usually occurs to men. It is only preventable by lifestyle modifications.