Dhikr is a very powerful and simple way to worship Allah and carries many benefits and virtues. We want to support Muslims worldwide to strengthen their relationship with our Creator through remembrance of Him.

The moment our soul gets infused into the body, we forget where we came from, where we are going and who we are. Sent to this the world of matter and senses to find answers to these questions – to remember.

The term Dhikr literally means “to remember”. There are several forms of dhikr and one of these powerful spiritual practices is tasbih. It’s the most common form of dhikr and it means to praise. 

Chanting or reciting the Divine Names and attributes, phrases such as la illahe illalah, prayers or salawat on Prophet Mohammad(s) lead us to God. By remembering God and who we truly are beyond reality and ego, we are returning to God, which is the ultimate goal of every believer.

Using prayer beads is recommended for tasbih to keep count. Besides the practical side of a prayer bead, to keep count, having a haptic tool is relaxing and soothing and supports our focus and concentration.

We want to support Muslims worldwide in their dhikr – and to do it fairly, sustainably and with respect for what He has given us.  

We started RAHATNOOK to create beautiful high-quality products for a muslim’s everyday use. Our desire to implement naturalness and organic consciousness in every corner of our everyday lives is our way to honour the raw materials He provided us with.

Our passion for simple design and natural materials leads us to launch our woven prayer rugs collection last year. Now we are excited to present our tasbih collection made of olive wood from Palestine.

Using the wood of the blessed tree for a product that symbolizes prayer and dhikr most likely and thus devotion to the One is the most obvious admission to naturalness and originality.

The special grain and the different shades of the wood make each bead and each tasbih unique and give it a warm look. The silky smooth surface ensures a pleasant feel. In addition, olive wood has antibacterial properties due to the essential oils.  

To start our first production run we are launching a crowdfunding campaign and we would love you to be part of our journey and to support you in your daily remembrance of our Creator.  

To learn more visit www.launchgood.com/tesbih