A group of four parents and students took a journey of mercy to distribute Qurban  from Sydney, Australia to Cambodia and Vietnam from 7-13 July 2022 in spite of risks and uncertainty associated with COVID-19.

The delegation organised by Amity College with the charity partner ARO included Mehmet Saral, Ronya Naboulsi, Abdul Habib and Serkan Iner.

The main aim from this trip was to give children within the group experience of values that they cannot experience while being in Australia  experiencing first hand the resilience of people struggling in the third world.

The group stayed 2 days in Vietnam and 3 days in Cambodia.

The trip started in Vietnam where the group had a chance to see their cultures and lifestyles with scooters  being the main mode of transport. More than 50 million scooters are used in  the country because having a car is very costly. You can see 4-5 people (whole family ) people on one scooter.

The Group had a chance to learn Vietnam’s history and a chance to witness how they struggled and survived even in hopeless situations during the visits to the Cu Chi tunnels.

How those difficult conditions improved their resilience after the experience of a 20 year of war against the most powerful country. It was a lesson for us that one must never give up even when you are in the most difficult situations.

Group visited genocide museum in Cambodia realising the importance of freewill and human rights by listening to the stories of those unfortunate people.

They learnt how a regime or a dictatorship -one man power – makes a one nation destroyed its elites. They had a tour guide who lost her father and brother during those times. She fled from Vietnam with her mother.

The regime killed many people for different reasons. One of them was checking the people’s palm. If the palm was soft and not rough they kill that person because he/she may be an educated person.

The Group distributed meat packs and some Eid gifts to the children. They all experienced the joy of giving and had a chance to experience empathy. All of the members in the group felt very emotional when they saw the smiles on children’s innocent faces. It was hard to explain the enjoyment of the thoughts when those disadvantaged people were taking the meat bags.

The Group understood the blessings that they have in our country when they saw the people who don’t have running water, a proper bed or a kitchen facility. Most of them live and sleep in one room. Some of the houses(if you can say it is a house ) do not have walls.

The Group visited the dormitory of a sister school of Amity Girls. They were overjoyed to see with the effort of local support 25 girls had the advantage of having shelter to continue their education. Most of their parents live in very remote areas and that dormitory became a chance for them to get a proper education.

They thanked Amity parents for sponsoring their education. They were in very humble conditions but were very happy. When the Group asked what they wanted to be, they all said that they wanted to go to uni and become teachers, doctors dentists to serve their country.