Almost 100 students from various universities in NSW and a number of Islamic schools, attended a unique youth empowerment conference in Sydney on Sunday 17 July 2022 held at Ahlulbait Islamic Centre, Auburn, where they frankly raised the issues that concern Muslim youth, in the presence of guests of honour Minister for Multiculturalism Mark Coure MP,  Dr Muhammad Pournajaf , Charge Affairs of the Embassy of  Iran, Ms Lynda Voltz MP for Auburn, Anglican Priest Father Dave Smith as well as a number of ulama and community leaders.

The event organised by the Shia National Network of Australia Inc  introduced new dimensions to the traditional youth conferences where instead of few high profile speakers sermonising on youth issues, the youth spoke while the ulama, politicians and the community leaders listened.

During the program, Mr Syed Zawar Shah, the President of the Network  welcomed the VIPs, bureaucrats, professionals, parents and the youth. He elaborated on the concept of the youth empowerment conference. He said that  VIPs have been invited just to hand the plaques to the Multicultural Media and mainly to listen to youth.

Dr Pournajaf, during his highly enlightening extempore unwritten address in the morning session, elaborated on the unique explanation of Muttaqeen as empowerment and the three characteristics of Muttaqeen given in the Quran in terms of empowerment.

Father Dave Smith emphasised on the rights of the neighbours without considering their religion, colour or race, while providing the explanation of the Other that Jesus talked about being your neighbour that you need to love.

Attending the afternoon session, The Honourable Minister of Multiculturalism, Mark Coure appreciated the services  provided by the communities and encouraged them to negotiate with the related Departments for community grants.  

Mr Shah had collected and documented issues listed into different piles, educational, psychological, mental, social, marital, employment  raised by the youth to be addressed by government authorities, ulama and community leaders.

In future a general body meeting of the students in order to informed of the suggested solutions and the practical support offered by the kind hearted specialists  who are in favour of initiating youth leadership programs.  

Besides collecting the data on issues, the youth will be encouraged to post their  issues needing to find solutions on Network website. Efforts will be made to find the answers  by the panel of professionals. 

This process will knit the youth and adult communities. It will give birth to the generation of more welfare, educational and recreational programs.