Muslims perform Tawaf with love and devotion to Allah in Hajj or Umrah whenever the opportunity comes to them.

What is Tawaf in Hajj? It is circling around the House of Allah seven times as an essential duty in Umrah or Hajj.

My query is, is Tawaf only a ritual in Hajj or Umrah, or can we derive lessons to practice as Muslims, in our daily lives? As I understand, every action that Allah has prescribed, has multifaced benefits with multiple lessons, and we should look for those lessons for our benefits.

In this brief essay, I would like to highlight a few points in relations to Tawaf.


Allah created many things to circle. The Sun is circling daily, and for it, we see the day and night. The Moon is circling on its orbit, and for it we see the crescent to calculate our months. The weather is circling around the year. For it, winter ends to bring the summer.

The sea waves are going through the circle also. For it, we see the high and low waves. The water is circling also by going up as vapour and then coming down back as rain.

Human life also goes through circle. Initially, they were made from clay, then they are born, and then they are returned to the clay (Grave), and then they will be resurrected for the next life from the clay again.

Between the birth and death there is a circle. Babies begin their life cycle from helplessness, and then they reach maturity, and then they start going down and become helpless in old age again.

The question is, why this circling is taking place in our lives and in the creations of Allah? The answer is:

“That is the order of (Allah), the Almighty, the All Knowing.” [Quran 36.38]

Circling to obey Allah:

Everything in this universe is circling around Allah’s obedience. The Sun, Moon, Stars, Galaxies, water, weather, or lives are willingly or unwillingly obeying Allah through the orbit that Allah has set for them.

“When All creatures in the heavens and on earth have willingly and unwillingly, surrendered to HIM (Allah), and to HIM shall they all be brought back.” [Quran 3:83]

Tawaf around Allah’s House:

It is a symbol of spending our lives around Allah’s obedience willingly. We should take that concept as a lesson from the Tawaf in Hajj. We walk there within the set of lines around Allah’s House, and from it, we remind ourselves that we must walk around Allah’s commands day and night to complete one cycle.

In Tawaf, we make 7 circles, and in a week, we must obey Allah’s Halal and Haram in all 7 days. Allah has taught us this in the Holy Quran,

“Say: Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life, and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds.” [Quran 6:162]