Global social media outcry, particularly in the Middle East over the vilification of Prophet Mohammad (s) on prime time TV by two leaders of the BJP has led the Muslim countries to question the anti-Muslim policies of the Modi government in India.

BJP national spokeswoman Nupur Sharma and Delhi media operation head Naveen Kumar Jindal vilified the Prophet of Islam and his family in a TV debate and on social media towards the end of May.

Muslims staged protests in many parts of India that also led to clashes with members of the BJP goons and police, particularly in the city of Kanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh where scores of young Muslims were arrested and threatened with the demolition of their homes.

A number of Muslim countries initiated by Qatar summoned Indian diplomats from Sunday 5 June onwards to protest against the remarks and deafening silence by the ruling BJP and Indian government officials over the issue.

Subsequently, the Bharatiya Janata Party suspended both its officials on Sunday 5 June and later issued statements saying it respects all religions and ‘strongly denounces’ insult of any religious personalities.

While welcoming the BJP statement and suspension of staff, Qatar is seeking a public apology and condemnation of the remarks by the government of India in an official capacity.

Even UAE and Saudi Arabia raised the issue through their diplomatic channels, who have maintained close relations with the Modi government during the last few years without raising any concern on its anti-Muslim policies including the annexation of Kashmir, Muslim lynchings, threats of genocide and discriminatory citizenship laws.

A number of Australian organisations including ANIC and IFAM have issued statements condemning the abusive outbursts by the former BJP officials as well as highlighting the increase in vilification of Islam and demonisation of Muslim in India since Modi and Yogi came to power, nationally and in the most populous state of UP respectively.


ANIC Statement.

Statement by IFAM:

Condemnation – Nupur Shama – Naveen Kumar Jindal