BBC Studios Australia is making an observational documentary series following the unique and fascinating tradition of cultural matchmaking.  The word ‘matchmaker’ might spark cringe but in many countries, matchmaking remains the preferred way to find Mr or Mrs Right.

In today’s dating world of apps and social media, how do these human algorithms serve contemporary Aussie singles? Is cultural matchmaking an antiquated practice or simply old school common sense?

This series deep dives into a unique and very private world. Where old traditions jump the hurdle of family acceptance only to collide with intergenerational beliefs of love and marriage.

The series follows leading matchmakers as they navigate the dating process to find a partner for one or several Australian singles and their families.

We’ll follow the process as matchmakers set about to find a suitable partner for several of their suitors … and their families.

This heart-warming yet confronting series re-writes the book of love. With individual choice and preference heavily embedded the process, family expectations and life ambitions are explored against a backdrop of cultural expectations clashing against intergenerational change.

With such high stakes, and failing marriage rates throughout Australia, can more be learned from an approach that refuses to leave love to chance alone?

BBC is looking for both singles who would be open to being a part of this series and previously matched couples who would be open to sharing their experience.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved, please contact: