Haji Shahim Khalil in front of Broadbeach Savannah.

‘The Ocean-Heart Foundation for Lateral Thinking, Education and Research’ , is an initiative for  Islamic Da’wah effort sponsored by Haji Shahim Khalil (The Ocean-Hearted) in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Mr Khalil is the current owner of the Savannah Hotel in the Gold Coast who has invested A$ 2.5 million Dollars in order to facilitate the grand objective of the Foundation, as set out below.

The magnitude of the invested fund in this project is the indicator of the largesse, integrity and commitment to Da’wah ila Allaah, on the part of the founder, hence his deserved title as ‘The Ocean-Hearted’!

Mr Khalil is a successful businessman with an imprint of a strong Islamic identity. He started his struggling life as a professional boxer and promoter of boxing and wrestling in Fji where he was also the past District President of the Fiji Muslim League.

In the main, this Foundation intends to reach out to the mainstream Australian community with the message of the Qur’an. The first and the foremost of it, is for all humans to live up to their own standard as critical thinking and logical beings on earth.

In a simple test of human logic, life is a benefit. So, there must also be two other elements of this benefit. They are the beneficiary and the benefactor. Undoubtedly, and as a human, I am the beneficiary.

So the Question is: Who the benefactor? All along its mission, the Qur’an, answers this question without an ambiguity! Here it is in black and white:

“Hello Humanity, Listen carefully, the Creation belongs to God alone. So does the authority to administer it!” (أالا! له الخلق والأمر) (Qur’an 7:54)

The principal mission of the Qur’an is thus, to engage with the global humanity at all times, invoking their critical human thought, fairness logic and justice. But unfortunately, this aspect of the Qur’an continued to be under-utilised and at times, mispresented!

As it stands true in Australia today, it is also true of the contemporary world. In filling up this crucial gap thus, The Ocean-Heart Foundation for Lateral Thinking, Education and Research, is a timely response!

This Foundation is located on Level 2, 18-22 Orchid Ave, Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast (next door to the Hilton Hotel and squarely opposite the Police Station). At a given time, the facility will accommodate some 500 visitors.

The main mission of this Foundation is to initiate and sustain an Islamic Outreach Forum, in which, both Muslims and the mainstream Australians will sit and meet together, in a social setting.

When fully launched, the facility will also provide for five time daily prayers as well as the Friday Prayers (Jum’ah).

In the weekends, there will be a lecture delivered by a specialised Islamic scholar on a topic of the day. This will be followed by an open forum of questions and answers on the topic of the lecture or on any other related topics.

The Forum will also house a rich library containing books and other sources of knowledge and information. All the resources will be mainly in English as a target language, on various Islamic subjects that are handled from the viewpoints of the contemporary world views and challenges of life and daily living.

Located only few steps from the Surfer’s Paradise main beach, this forum will offer an environment of relaxed and open discussions between the Muslims and the mainstream Australians.

All the activities of the forum will be undertaken within the true and applied meaning of the Qur’an 109:06:

“You already have a religion of your choice, which I both accept and respect. Please allow me to have a religion of my own.” (لكم دينكم ولي دين)

Reemphasising the same theme, the Qur’an 2:256 also establishes that: “There can be no compulsion or force on the matter of religion.” (لا إكراه في الدين)

Indeed! As a theme, the ‘freedom of choice and religion’ cannot find a better alternative! According to the Qur’an 17:105, “its mission is the blessings for the entire universe and the human race.” (وما أرسلناك الا رحمة للعالمين)

The true message of the Qur’an thus, must be disseminated to the entire humanity. In promoting the peaceful coexistence therefore, the Islamic Outreach Forum, is a great development to Australia, to the world and to the humanity at large!