The Covideo Twenty21 film festival to be held on Saturday 2 July 2022 in Melbourne was born out of a word play with the name covid and video.  

Founder and festival curator Kuranda Seyit, says, “I felt we needed a film festival that looks back at the past two years of a pandemic, with all the panic buying, iso, mental distress, frustration and anger and so on, as a cathartic experience and for us to just let it go. But more importantly, I wanted a platform for our filmmakers to showcase their work and be rewarded with a public screening.”

“I think film director Kauthar Abdulalim is by no means a newcomer, she has made some great shorts this past few years, however, her film ‘The Ninth Tower’, starring Aslan Farooqui is a powerful film which captures the anxst during the lockdown of the towers in Melbourne.  The film poignantly addresses the injustice and unfairness of the situation for an already disadvantaged community. Abdulalim, uses handheld camera work to underscore the tension, particularly for the protagonist whose mother is in dire need of medication.”

Abdulalim says, “I wanted to portray an alternate narrative about what actually happened at the towers; capturing the unjust and unfair treatment of the residents by our state-authorities, and the intensity of what it felt like to be caged forcefully with little to no access to essentials.”

Another emerging young Film-maker is Melburnian, Josiah Saxby, who made a haunting film about mental health during the lockdown.

He says, “Lockdown left everyone feeling like they were doing life entirely on their own, so I made The End of Myself to make the audience feel less alone.  I wanted to make a film that was honest about the mental health toll of Covid, and unite everyone – especially in Melbourne, in our collective struggle.”

There is a great selection of films including  ‘A room of one’s own’, ‘The great toilet paper panic’,  ‘Goodbye’, ‘Stay Focused’ and ‘Death in the Time of Corona’, as well as others.

The evening on Sunday 3 July will also include guest speakers, spoken word artists to pepper the audience with alliteration, rhyme and sarcasm while comedians keep the mood upbeat! And for those brave enough to make it to the venue in Geelong, there will be fun lucky door prizes!  So how to get tickets? or visit the website to find out more.