AMU Alumni of Australia conducted its AGM on Sunday 29 May 2022 at Regents Park Community Centre electing a new executive committee for the next two years 2022-2024. The election was conducted by Dr Anas Nadwi as the Presiding officer.

The elected president is Mr Syed Hamid Ali who has been the Alumni’s active senior and experienced member having worked in various capacities in the past.

While accepting the role of the President, Mr Ali vowed to achieve the overarching objectives of the Alumni of improving the standard of education and status of Muslims.

He further added, “The political climate in India grows dire with each passing day, and Indian-Muslims continue to face atrocities in this state of affairs. We are blessed to be able to enjoy the standard of life we do, considering the political turmoil for our community at home – it is high time that we rise to the occasion and consider establishing an organised effort to spread awareness. I take my role as President seriously, and will heed your advice.”

The past president, Mr Khursheed Anwar served for four years and while passing the mantle thanked  all donors, sponsors, friends, families, and well-wishers for their generous contributions and excellent support to AMU Alumni of Australia.

“During covid pandemic, the period was badly disturbed and stressful but AMU Alumni’s projects were still running successfully because of all your marvellous support,” Mr Anwar said.

AMU Alumni of Australia has been working for the last 26 years and one of its main objectives was promoting higher education and helping financially disadvantaged students to achieve their academic goals at university level. Later on, this program was extended to primary and secondary school students. AMU Alumni of Australia have been successfully extending  educational  projects in  India with the community’s support.

During the pandemic, Oxygen Demand appeal was magnificently achieved within a short time because of donations for the purchase of oxygen generators.


AMU Alumni of Australia EXCO committee members appointed for 2022-2024 in the AGM held on Sunday 29 May 2022


1 Mr. Syed Hamid Ali President
2 Dr. Shekeeb Mohammad Secretary
3 Mr. Faizuddin Faizi Treasurer
4 Mr. Siraj Akhtar Vice President
5 Mr. Arif Ahmad Qureshi Vice Secretary
6 Mr. Ibadur Rehman Vice Treasurer
7 Mr.Khursheed Anwar Ansari Member
8 Dr. Samiuddin Syed Member
9 Dr. Azhar Amin Nomani Member
10 Mr. Riyaz Akhtar Member
11 Mr. Zamir Khan Member
12 Dr. Aal e Ali Member
13 Mr. Mohammad Samiruddin Member
14 Mr. Zaman Khan Member
15 Dr. Mohammad Mashhood Khan Member
16 Mr. Rehan Jamal Member