Eighty five (85) students, based on their essays about people’s rights during COVID-19 locked-downs were invited to the Parliament House of their corresponding states on 10 & 11 May 2022 to participate in a National Schools Constitutional Convention to learn about how the parliament legislative process works.

Thirteen (13) students reached the NSW Parliament House where they were connected via Zoom with other student groups from other states.

On the first day of sessions, students learnt about the issue through a series of keynote speakers. Then each state student group had their own face to face soapbox working group sessions where their main discussion was whether Australia should have a Bill of Rights or not.

On the second day, a number of speakers including Shayyan Ali who spoke on behalf of NSW  talked about the benefits of the Bill of Rights.

Students then participated in the voting where the Bill of Rights was passed; 51 (60%) members were in favour and 34 (40%) were against.

As per students’ feedback, the convention was very useful for them to learn about contemporary issues regarding society; in particular about their rights within Australia.

It gave them the opportunity to interact with students from other states to learn about their opinions.

The whole convention proceedings were compiled in an official Communiqué where this Convention provided an excellent opportunity for students to debate constitutional issues.