Your energy comes to you and through you to affect all of Allah’s creation. Subhaan Allah. Do you realise what this means? It means you have the beautiful mercy from Allah to use this powerful energy to impact the entire creation.

Take a moment to observe your hands. Look at them closely. You will notice a slight movement. Close your eyes and feel the aliveness in your hands. That aliveness is called vibration. Vibration occurs because the atoms we are made of are constantly moving. It doesn’t matter whether the creation is in the form of  solid, liquid or gas.

Everything moves. Everything vibrates. This vibration enables things to transform from one state of matter to another. For example, water into ice or moth balls into fumes that keep the bugs away from your cupboards. Even the dead body disintegrates into dust because of this constant vibration. The force that fuels this vibration is known as Energy.

The law of energy states that energy does not stop. You can’t switch off energy. Energy continues. Everything you eat and drink, every thought you think, every word you speak and every action you perform is fuelled by energy which passes through you to impact the rest of creation.

If your thoughts are negative, your feelings become negative and therefore your behaviours are negative which then impact upon your family, your community and sets off a ripple effect that impacts every being on this planet.

Understand your energy and how it impacts everyone and everything around you.

People Make a list of all the people you interact with daily. Beside each person’s name, write down how you feel after interacting with them. Name each feeling, such as, joyful, sad, angry. Once you are able to identify your feelings, you will be able to reject negative energies and absorb only positive energies from people. You do not have to break ties with anyone. Simply, be mindful of what to accept and what to reject, keeping in mind that whatever energies you accept from anyone else will absorb into your own life and pass through you to the rest of the world.
Food and Beverage Make a list of all the foods and beverages you consume on a daily basis. Beside each, write down how it makes you feel. Acknowledge these feelings and decide which ones you wish to continue consuming and which ones you need to let go of.
Thoughts Write down thoughts that you obsess over repetitively. They be thoughts about your finances, your relationship, your appearance, any many more. Beside each, write down how it makes you feel when you think that thought. Acknowledge these feelings and decide which thoughts you can change into a gratitude statement. For example, if your thoughts are about lack of money in your life, change the thought into a gratitude statement such as, “Ya Allah, I am grateful for the abundance you have blessed me with. Everything I need, you provide immediately. Alhumdolillah.”