Surviving the COVID pandemic over the last two years is worth being enormously grateful to Allah.

Coupled with the recent spiritual rejuvenation Muslims across the globe just witnessed through the holy month of Ramadan, being able to transform this noble course into an optimal psychosocial functioning is worth highlighting.

To start with, the motive behind every step taken is expected to be directed towards a sublime sincerity of purpose in which at every point of taking any action, pleasing Allah comes first.

Acquiring knowledge and experience remains a core fabric of what makes a decent person. Having to understand basic principles that covers spiritual, biological, psychological and social life asides one’s area of study or specialisation, recent COVID pandemic realities has further pushed humanity to know everything about something, and something about everything.

With modern computers, the ideal persons’ motive can propel him to know why he needs to be environmentally friendly in adapting to rising water levels, to know the rudiments behind being a successful entrepreneur and SMEs for wealth creation, to understand the dynamics of human behavior and mental health,

It is important to be aware of the challenges facing the modern family unit and the framework that maintains an effective family functioning, to know what benefits resides with healthy lifestyles, to understand the refugee crisis and the socio-political mechanisms surrounding their standard of living, among others.

In the midst of recent multiple challenges prompted by economic, social and political meltdown as evident in some Muslim communities across the globe, the ideal persons’ worldview should be rested on the premise that challenges are universal.

Expectedly, every ideal Muslim in this post-pandemic world needs to be prosocial, which means extending available efforts and resources to the less privileged either in resident or home countries.

Here, coupled with Allah’s mercy and blessings, research findings from positive psychologists have pointed out the enormous and priceless psycho-spiritual rewards that surrounds this endeavor.

Whether living in the diaspora or at home, it is encouraged for the ideal Muslim to see traveling to places as a tool for knowledge, opportunities, wellbeing, among others. Meeting people of different races, religion, lifestyles, economic and political orientation, not only improve the understanding of human nature, but also the majestic sense behind Allah’s creative perfection.

It breeds the tendency to appreciate one’s ill-fated moments, and see reasons why being judgmental about others need to discouraged.

As the ideal Muslim keeps navigating through post-pandemic waters, there is urgent need to maintain the spiritual strength accumulated in the month of Ramadan. There is a great need for a consistent internal push for sincerity of purpose directing every act to please Allah.

There is a sublime need to be more prosocial after learning that humanity cannot be hungry while he is full. There is the psychosocial need that being diverse in knowledge and living a healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial to self, but also to the community around him.

Special reference to Dr Lukman Raimi (Universiti Brunei Darussalam) for some insights during a recent sharing session.