The opposition forces in Pakistan had been plotting to topple Imran Khan’s PTI government for months by various means and finally succeeded in doing so allegedly with the help of a foreign power in early April 2022.

The mechanism adopted for overthrowing the elected government was to entice coalition members in the government as well as MP’s of PTI by various means including bribery and promise of attractive privileges.

At this juncture two very significant and crucial questions come in our mind. One is why USA, a super power, was so much interested in ousting Imran Khan.

Second is why the legislatures and leaders of Pakistan were so unscrupulous that they did not hesitate and were prepared to sell the national and public interest to for cheap privileges.

America’s annoyance

THE US is a super power and wants the world affairs to be determined according to its grand plan and wishes. As such, it safeguards its interests by defining what is democracy and what is dictatorship and what is terrorism and what is peace.

It claimed that Saddam Hussain had weapons of mass destruction without credible contrary to all facts and that Usama bin Laden was involved in the atrocities of 9/11 without credible evidence.

With self delusion, US  leadership believes that it has superior economic and political strategies that can bring prosperity and peace to the world and it has the moral high ground to determine what is good for humanity.

Anyone challenging America must be ousted from the political influence not only in world affairs but also within their own countries, hence the the culture of regime change consistently employed by US for decades.

Imran Khan, an elected leader of a weak and poor nation was the first head of a state, particularly of a Muslim state, who became so courageous to dare say that he wanted relations with US at equal level, that is, as a friend and not as a Master.

He further stated that he was shocked to know that Usama bin Laden was killed by American forces without taking Pakistan into confidence when it was an ally of America. Later on, he declared not to partner with US in wars against others and did not allow US forces to use Pakistan’s air bases.

Recently, he did not yield to foreign pressure to condemn Russia for its military operation at Ukraine and took aneutral view that matter be decided by discussion and mutual understanding.

Further, Imran Khan went to Russia to meet Putin against the wish of the super power raising  eyebrows and annoyed the big power and was then warned that he will be ousted and replaced by US friendly forces in Pakistan.

The misfortune is that so called America as the champion of democracy, human right and political freedom did not allow others particularly weak nations to enjoy the fruits of these concepts.

It seems that these are the prerogatives of the affluent nations that can do anything under the denomination of these notions. The weak nations have no right to have independent view and policy for the benefit their people but only to obey those with power and wealth.

The unscrupulous leadership in Pakistan

Pakistan in the process of developing as a nation has been under the influence of the West. Most Pakistanis feel proud to adopt Western culture to show superiority to others who do not follow it. Even now most of the educated and high-ranking persons wear Western dress and consider it a symbol of superiority.

When America emerged as a dominant and powerful nation and influenced the affairs of the world by her tactics and power, the leaders, bureaucrats, officials and even intellectuals of Pakistan were influenced by dominant role of America in the world affairs and were happy to live under American patronage.

America exploited this situation and used these high-ranking persons for implementing her plan and strategy to dominate the region. America did not want Pakistan to be an independent and developed country

America envisaged the potentialities of Pakistan and thought that if it will developed independently, it can change the political scenario of the region. Thus, America engaged Pakistan in superfluous activities and made it dependent on its meagre monetary and military help.

Group of greedy, corrupt, unethical, amoral persons emerged and began to operate in the country under American patronage making Pakistan slavishly safeguarding American interests while they themselves benefitting in accommodating wealth and power.

When in power, these Pakistani elites did not develop the country, instead collected money from different sources and deposited in foreign banks. They were only interested in money, power and leading luxurious life at the expense of the national interest.

They were involved in endemic multi-generational corruption and in many criminal cases from financial mismanagement, bribery to disappearances and murders.

Imran Khan, a proud Pathan and a highly successful  iconic sportsperson honoured the will of people and stood firm in not submitting to anyone and is a ray of hope for the Pakistani civil society to deliver Pakistan as an independent nation on world stage.