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The Palestinian prisoner “Ahmed Manasra”, now 20 from Jerusalem, was arrested by the Israeli occupation authorities as a child when he was no more than 13  and was subjected to severe torture during his arrest and subsequent interrogations.

The Israelis tried to force him, under torture, to confess acts that he did not committed, and always responded with the phrase “I don’t remember.”

Imagine that Ahmad was arrested as a child and today he is a young man in the prisons under occupation. While he enters his eighth year in prison, all his fault is that he was born a Palestinian in an occupied country.

Ahmed’s childhood and innocence were lost inside the occupation cells, and today his youth is lost between the prison walls, and we did not hear any human rights organisation or even organisations who defend animal rights to condemn Ahmed’s condition!

What is new is that the Israeli occupation prisons administration recommended extending his solitary confinement for another 6 months, after seven years of detention for a crime he did not commit as a child.

Please pay attention to the campaign to demand the immediate release of the child, who has become a young man in the occupation prisons, before his youth is also lost among the occupiers’ cells.

As part of the procrastination policy, the trial date of
Ahmed Manasra has been set on 19 June 2022.

You will not find Ahmed’s story in mainstream media, so be the alternative media and share his story to the world.



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