Islamic Practice & Dawah Circle (IPDC), QLD unit has celebrated Ramadan with a number of events that offers a call for an inclusive and better Australian society including the Quran competition, Multifaith and community leader iftar and an Eid exhibition for kids.

These events offer a model to engage the younger generation as well as multifaith leaders to promote a culturally diverse and inclusive Australia.

The Annual Ramadan Quran Competition

The Annual Ramadan Quran Competition has been a flagship event of IPDC with impressive participation of around 450 boys and girls from different locations of the greater Brisbane this year. A series of competitions were held in different mosques including  Darra, Logan, West End, Gladstone and the final round of events at Stacks Creek Mosque.

It has been such an overwhelming reception of our talented kids, and young boys and girls inspired by the Holy Quran in the blessed month of holy Ramadan. In line with previous years, the IPDC organised the Annual Quran Competition for the 5th year consecutively.

A view of the prize-giving ceremony of the Quran competition.

Multifaith and community leader iftar

A multifaith and community leader iftar has provided a chance to meet and gather with politicians, multi-faith leaders, and community leaders. One of the main attractions of the program was to acknowledge and inspire the youth leaders who just completed six months short course on the leadership program organised by IPDC QLD’s next-generation division. The event was full of political signatories including councillors, politicians and multifaith leaders.

A view of participants after completion of six months short course on leadership program organised during the multifaith and community leader iftar

Eid exhibition for kids

The event has offered a chance for all Muslim kids to showcase their creativity by presenting decorative images and videos of their Eid celebration. The event marks a historic and timely initiative for the younger generation to express their religious identity through cultural exhibitions of the Eid festival.

The exhibition was held at the Logan central library which carries a special meaning, and also adds value to the wider Australian community. The participants expressed their enthusiasm about such a creative display to celebrate and share Eid festivity and joyous moments with the community.

A view of video competition screening during Eid exhibition for kids at Logan central Library, Queensland.

In these events, participants were engaged with great interest and enthusiasm that added a strong bond for the community in order to foster strong bonds in the next generation. Many participants said that the events significantly benefited their personal and social development through social gatherings and attending religious speeches and competitions.

Additionally, such arrangement may contribute to cross-cultural literacy among non-muslim to see Islamic cultural appropriateness in an Australian multicultural environment.

Furthermore, the successful completion of these events this year left with an impressive positive note for organising many more events in coming years. IPDC QLD, the organiser of these events thanked all participants and parents for their contribution to making these events successful. IPDC QLD is inspired and committed to organising more multicultural events to ensure active participation and involvement of the Muslim community.