When a human being is born, his weight is around 3 Kg.

When he dies, the weight of his kafan cloth on his lifeless body is also around 3 Kg. 


After birth, first cloth he wears has no pocket.

And also there is no pocket on the last cloth,kafan cloth on his lifeless body, when he is buried

Then why in this “interim”, in-between life or worldly life, human being is struggling, worrying and harassing others for pocket???


At the time of taking blood in the hospital, blood “group” is checked first.

Then why at the time of receiving and paying money (particularly paying in Masjids towards charity, “group” of money is not checked???


These money belong to which “group”?

Are these “just” and “legitimate”,  halaal money?

Or “unjust” and “illegitimate”, haraam money?

Or money from  “No. 2 business”?

Or money collected “under the table”?

Or money snatched  jeopardizing someone’s rights?

Or money with someone’s sigh?


If wrong “group” of money comes in the family, quarrel, turmoil, disbelief, disunity, hate are created in the family.

These “unjust” and “illegitimate”, haraam money is finished/utilised in hospitals, clubs, gymkhanas, bar and other “unjust” and “illegitimate”, haraam activities. And the human being with these “group” of money is also finished/died with these “group” of money.

Of course, bank balance is increasing with these types of “unjust” and “illegitimate”, haraam money, but family balance is decreasing and vanishing.


If such circumstances arise, then pray to Almighty Allah that, “O Allah, poverty is much much better than these money. At least in poverty, Your remembrance is there, Your gratefulness is there and patience is preserved.”

And Allah has promised favour for those who remember Him, thank Him and preserve patience.


Look what Allah has revealed in Holy Quran about “unjust” and  “illegitimate”, haraam money:

“And do not eat up your wealth among yourselves by false means”. (Quran 2:188)

“O believers, do not eat up your wealth among yourselves falsely, except that it be trading with your mutual consent”. (Quran 4:29)