Whether it was to initiate a purposeful gathering of people from different communities or reaching out to broader communities to deliver a message of peace and harmony, IFAM had been at the forefronts.

In recent times IFAM has conducted many programs which intend to bring people from wider communities closer to each other.

Within Muslim communities from different backgrounds IFAM arranges events where they can join hands in hands and show solidarity. Such events include Iftaar (In Ramadan), Meetings or Conferences for social issues or general discussion etc.

For Non Muslim communities IFAM has always been looking for ways where general population can get a soft and friendly message from Muslim communities living or working close by. In fact without having a social bonding we cannot even convey the message of Islam effectively which is considered as a great work in Islamic education.

By having those things in mind some IFAM brothers give gifts and sweets to their non Muslim fellows living or working in surroundings. This is particularly done before Ramadan or Eid when Muslims are very joyous, happy and active.

It also gives the opportunity to share with others and letting them know about important events and festivals of Muslims etc. By having a positive discussion we can further explain the background and philosophy of those events which can surely make a positive impact and make others paying more attention towards understanding Islam.

Several brothers gathered in Marsden Park Masjid this year with their kids and prepared hundreds of gift wraps and packets. Those packets included cup or glass with IFAM logo filled with chocolates, candies and sweets etc. These packets were beautifully wrapped in gift paper so they are better presentable and attractive. All packets were distributed to many brothers who were keen to give it to their neighbours or working colleagues.

Those brothers felt very happy as it sent a positive message of Islam and helped others better understand Islamic social events. The Non Muslims could also see our seriousness and commitment to such events so they tend to co-operate more and disregard any issues if caused by our unusual activities, one brother pointed.

It was also great to see our kids participating and helping with excellent zeal and spirit. This is important for their learning and for making them aware to spread the message of Islam in a friendly manner when possible.